Apr 21, 2012

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8-10-11 Jessica Alba Talks “Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D” & Pregnancy on Lopez Tonight

8-10-11 Jessica Alba Talks “Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D” & Pregnancy on Lopez Tonight

Video Rating: four / 5

Jessica Alba – This is the 1st slideshow in the Celebrity Slideshow series… numerous a lot more to follow!
Video Rating: 4 / five

  1. Beautiful but boring…I´m surprised.

  2. CamillaHeggoy says:

    She just did though 😛 😀 11:57

  3. CamillaHeggoy says:

    HEHE. “it’s in my belly” :P

  4. CamillaHeggoy says:

    WOW 😛 :D. NICE Start 😀

  5. CamillaHeggoy says:

    4D HA? Sounds interesting 😛 :/ 😀

  6. NarayanSurya says:

    She is so……Beautiful !!!!!! WOW LOVE HER !

  7. Entaview12 says:

    She’s so beautiful

  8. starocelot says:

    she is beautiful and charming!

  9. starocelot says:

    she is beautiful and charming!

  10. mywillfull says:

    Put the ball in the goal ? 😛 

  11. 02EmoLove says:

    jessica alba = ThE most beautiful women in the worLD!!!!!!

  12. 02EmoLove says:

    Jessica alba is sooooooooooooooooo gorgeousssssssssssss

  13. 02EmoLove says:

    9 peoples are uglyyyyyyyyyy

  14. 02EmoLove says:


  15. 02EmoLove says:


  16. cfkaterina says:

    she’s soooo beautiful!! and she is a great actress!!

  17. HappyMcHapppy says:

    It’s not asiwatria rai, it’s Aishwarya Rai. And she’s beautiful too. Really, why are you calling them ugly??? They’re both very beautiful women so just shut up. EVERYONE is beautiful in their own way.

  18. HappyMcHapppy says:

    wtf !? i don’t give a damn about what you think. Your opinion is irrevant to me. She’s gorgeous how can you not see that. SMH…

  19. kimnpevs78 says:

    Did She Have Her Baby Three Days Later?

  20. beautiful and sexy forever….<3

  21. TheKevin440 says:

    i love jessica alba, loved her in that movie never been kissed with drew barrymore

  22. 111NoOne111 says:

    ”do u eat the seeds or spit them out? ” WHAT? HAHAHA

  23. CandyAndromeda says:

    she;s funny :))

  24. haiCnote says:

    07 was the best year

  25. DarkPhoenix92Marc says:

    i love girls like megan fox, but Jessica is fucking gorgeous AND she’s all natural!!! no fucking plastic sugery and shit! just beautiful and adorable!!!♥ and she can act! a big difference to megan…

  26. Guitardrumandbass360 says:

    lol, is the person that made is a dirty cunt 

  27. GuyBayArea1 says:

    megan fox is hotter but Jessica Alba is cuter

  28. 31MillerTime31 says:

    She’s sexy. Idc what you say

  29. 31MillerTime31 says:

    Well I think she’s beautiful. Why would you want to change my mind?

  30. 31MillerTime31 says:

    Umm, well I think sharon stone is beautiful too. So does that make her ugly??

  31. 31MillerTime31 says:

    I’m having a hard time understanding what you just said. I think Alba is beautiful because she’s ugly? What does that mean?

  32. junweimaful says:

    i cum

  33. WeLoveChickenNuggets says:

    i guarantee you have a tiny wiener

  34. BREAKING NEWS!! NUDE Jessica Alba cell pic’s have been leaked. She looks a few months pregnant in them but who cares. Your Welcome!! free vid of her getting spanked bare ass in new movie as well! 🙂

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  35. lukemillerluke1 says:

    I would reck that chick! one night with me and she would need a wheel chair!

  36. ciara852andy9 says:

    you are the nices woman 

  37. xXDarkBloddyXx says:

    yeah nice pictures but without music its like a little bit boring ._. my video is better than yours 😛 [ -I THINK- ] 😉

  38. sinwow33 says:

    I wouldn’t mind pumping her mouth as her fanny probably stinks of fish.

  39. TheJessicazz says:

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  40. startyOurgame says:

    F*** even under water she’s hot.

  41. Rene99rox says:

    she is the hottest person i have ever seen and would give anything 2 spend 1 night with her

  42. Three only cuz she’s mad hot…slideshow sucked

  43. dragoon0369ify says:

    I would fuck her until my cock fell off

  44. harrypotterfanful says:

    the perfect woman!

  45. HardStyler619 says:

    she is gods gift 2 men she realy is a angel

  46. leesmith96 says:

    well at least i enjoyed the gallery who needs sound!!!!!!

  47. justincider75 says:

    i would do unforgivable things

  48. ukhistorian says:

    Jessica Alba is the Sexiest woman alive.

  49. ukhistorian says:


  50. callygrl says:

    Do Not Read!!!!!! Well now that you’ve started you cant stop. One day a little girl name Maria was walking through the woods and spotted a face and thought about it for a while. After that the face ripped her face of and tore her a part limb by limb with its teeth. If you dont copy and paste this to 10 vids in 48 hrs the face will come to ur house and kill you

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