Jul 26, 2012

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ジェシカ・アルバ ISA KNOX(イザノックス) CF NO.012 (approx.04-08)

ジェシカ・アルバ ISA KNOX(イザノックス) CF NO.012 (approx.04-08)


TYT Hour - May 5th, 2010

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Video Rating: four / 5

  1. WestCoastIrk says:

    The dumb big nose-ugly Turks… when will they give up and realize they are a waste of life? their videos are all a bunch of crap, all opinions, and nonsense. My farts have more depth than these two deadbeats

  2. 30koray says:

    nice video:)!!! CHECK OUT MY VIDZ!!!u can add my of click bad of good

  3. KOTTONMOUTHKING21520 says:


  4. jonvidmusic says:

    Shoutout at 4:02 is for me!

  5. Seanopp7 says:

    Are you guys just a bunch of HardCore Liberals or what. Nauseating.

  6. jobzombi says:

    Dang ana looks good. Put some librarian glasses on her and she’s 150% of men’s fantasy. Without em, just 100% =(

  7. moresnare says:

    Why doesn’t she wear those low cut shirts nowadays? 

  8. jonvidmusic says:

    I’m JONVID! haha. Awesome 4:35

  9. zeldantasyXll says:

    Hell yea :p. So confident.

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  11. uFEARChuckNorris says:

    [alt-255][alt-255][alt-30][enter][alt 30][alt 255][alt 30]

  12. 30inventionman says:

    the lady on the right is a slut and will do you for a penny

  13. MrSearching4thetruth says:

    Holly $h!£… Ive never seen Cenk like this before.
    Im a Brit and started watching (from the beginning) all the 8,000+ youtube videos 2+ mths ago and this interview with Ken was his best so far!!!
    To paraphrase a great host… You defo RELEASED THE KRAKEN

  14. NightManiacsInc says:

    you are a FUCKING MORON!

  15. kasunikakanchana says:

    Meet up and cum inside Naughty women here benaughtyman.info

  16. tidenburg says:

    Great show. I didn’t really agree with the whole thing that he has a child so he must be molesting him. You’re kind of jumping straight from gay into pedophile, wtf.

  17. Ventorez says:

    That was no an interview that was an attack clearly from the begining cenk was gonna interrogate the man not interview him regardless if the guy is right or wrong what we want is an interview not an attack that just makes u look like a left wing hock as much as hes a right ring hock but still no credence on either side

  18. guitarfreak8900 says:

    LOL Cenk rips this guy up, its amazing

  19. gwengoad says:

    Cenk if I had a billion I would start a real satellite news network and you would be the show hosting two hours as the head anchor of the network excellent analysis as usual keep it up

  20. Serpico261 says:

    what in the world has turkey to do with the young turks u moron?

  21. jasonx1214 says:

    the power of twitter …what a oxymoron

  22. tekhiun says:

    perhaps it would be his middle name ?

  23. TURKiSHMALViNA says:


  24. joraejean says:

    I have to agree that if you vote repuglican, you are stupid…
    Take a min to see how repulbican just cannot look at a topic beyond a catch word. I think they believe it, but I don’t they question anything belyond the suface…

  25. wheresurhat says:

    Hahha I fucking love TYT!

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