Apr 21, 2012

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2012 – YOU ALL ARE DEAD – Just Facts and Evidence

2012 – YOU ALL ARE DEAD – Just Facts and Evidence

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  1. TheYellowbumble says:

    Shut up you stupid twat.

  2. gsong123 says:

    There is not one single person on this earth that has been promised another day! This life is such a tiny spec compared to eternity…I would invest in the future, store up your treasure in heaven! Love your family, make things right whether it happens tomorrow or fifty years from now…why wait!

  3. TheSpeenort says:

    A magnetic p[ole shift is not catastrophic, except maybe for airlines, satellite dish installers, and anyone using a compass. There is currently a north polarized spot off the coast of Argentina and the current compass north pole is moving from its traditional location in Canada toward Russia at about 40 miles per year.

  4. caleron0 says:

    im gonna spend it on that fancy restaurant around the corner
    hell yeah

  5. cminhtown says:

    This was a Mayan discovery and happens with a regularity so precise that they found a way to count the number of “field overlaps” that occurred on the sun before it underwent it’s actual pole-shift. This wound up being incorporated into their calendar system it was so important. Reason & sensibility would lead one to the conclusion that they probably knew what effect this had on the planet……Not to mention the timing/time-frames associated with it. You likely knew this already.

  6. killemdead82 says:

    im gonna apply for so many loans and spend it weed and alcohol b4 december…lol

  7. Downshift73 says:

    sub titles please ?

  8. MyFANCY24 says:


  9. GladiusdeDeus says:

    what about the day that lasts a year before the sunrise from the west? Does thay mean that the rotation will have come to an absolute stop?

  10. When I was a kid, I could tell this has happened before because on my grandfather’s farm in upstate NY, broken seashells would come up when the tractor would till the soil.

  11. BungalowBud says:

    For the sun to rise in the west – to stop rotation then rotate the other way requires so much direct pull that isn’t visible and aparent. It would have to decelerate so much fast than now – and over the time preiod soon, it’s just not happening. A better and easier way is that the magnetic shift and electromagnetics – sun spots, earthquakes, moon shifting,etc. is causing
    the actual axis of rotation pole to shift. Easily checked – watch position of Polaris.

  12. LaEspriella says:

    Two nights? is he talking about the north Pole where the night last 6 month!

  13. I hope there is a warranty on my compass

  14. priorityreport says:

    the magnetic north pole is moving, and you are right that is separate from the geographical poles. however, the geographical poles have ALSO moved. in the same direction. proof: the natives in Greenland saw the sun come up 2 days early. the star systems are slightly different, causing the astrology people to add another star sign. there are more proofs if you look for them. this has been a gradual movement, but moving faster now.

  15. MattiESimonaho says:

    If the mangnetic field change, it don’t mean the poles chage. It is easy to make a test proving that theory as false in a laboratory.

  16. dragonseptor says:

    Even the Bible talks about “no one shall know the day or the hour”, “and there being a new heaven and new Earth”. So if you flipped the Earth as you look up we would see the Southern Cross instead of the North Star and of course there would be Earth changes as well.

  17. Do a youtube search for Santos Bonacci.  He goes into this stuff really deep. Long videos but well worth the time.

  18. mustafaabdulrahman says:

    your statement doesnt make sense at all..just read the quran and the fact is written there..its not like Muslims make it up or something

  19. heyalex72 says:

    .Because the Koran was written 300 hundred years after Muhammeds death by third parties?

  20. ajlapiana says:

    Muslims take credit for everything the scientist say, but they wait until they say it; then they try to proof how the Quran said it first. Tell us something from the Quran before the scientist say it, and you will be more convincing

  21. TruthofDilly says:

    True, truth no truer words ever said. The truth at last!

  22. Rapierfighter says:

    The Fact that the magnetic pole is shifting is not the concern…its the diminishing of the PROTECTIVE magnetic filed shielding ALL life from deadly solar radiation!…Bees dying off, birds and fish dying en mass, all confirm that the magnetic field is weakening…Lets ALL hope it taskes a few thousands years!

  23. dothedamnthang2 says:

    Pole shift is not a probable outcome.

    The planet will only undergo a pole shift if the collective energy of human consciousness and the planet are not aligned with the incoming higher frequencies. As of now the collective is aligned with divine consciousness and all is going to plan.

    There is nothing to fear. All is well in the heart of divine consciousness.


  24. Nueroactive says:

    If I mock doomsayers do you think it will happen faster? Cause once I use to believe it, and was really disappointed when it didn’t happen. All we got was a 7 point earthquake. I threw out hundreds of pounds of uneaten dried food that ended up growing in patches all over my yard. Barley, wheat, spelt, lentils, beans and peas. What a waste! If this is real then we shouldn’t plant our veggies should we, probably not invest, nor try to do anything big. Probably we should just sit in terror. sarcasm

  25. What kind of ‘knowledge’ are you referring to? I saw a website which showed that ALL the scientific statements in the Quran were already known by the Greeks.

  26. ColorOfTought says:

    Hmm…well, actually, the earth started its rotation not too long ago, compared to the current age of the universe.

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