Apr 21, 2012

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Celebrity Ba Bags – New Hollywood Moms

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New Hollywood Moms are springing up everywhere. Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Liv Tyler, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba… and the list goes on for quite some time. The fascinating issue is that most of them buy the very same designer diaper bags. Storksak could almost be called the Celebrity baby bags of selection. Even Dads are getting in on the act. There are a couple of sprinklings of Mia Bossi, Nest, and OiOi thrown in, but Storksak has out staged them hands down. What, you could ask, is so wonderful about their nappy saks? Let’s take a appear.

Storksak Child Bags

A is for Angelina, Alba, JuliA, PAltrow, And Liv Tyler. Angelina Jolie, Mom who would like to adopt a child from every Country, as she told Ellen DeGeneres, has been noticed in Paris, Namibia, and all more than the globe with Storksak’s Chocolate Gigi bag for baby. Angelina is a super Mom. She balances a thriving acting career, humanitarian function as a UN Ambassador, Mother of six, and partner of Brad. And she does it with no blinking one of her stunning eyes, or seeing any challenge, since she loves it and is organized.

In fact, she even assists her beautiful Brad be organized so that he can manage being the father of six. To be organized, and have her day flow with no a hitch, she chose Gigi since she can go from movie set, to enterprise meeting, to a media shoot with child, whilst carrying everything she requirements in the elegant designer diaper bags that even feature a thermal insulated bottle holder. When she is a small much more relaxed and does not need to be concerned about business, she carries the equally elegant and organized Storksak Emily.

New Mom graceful Jessica Alba also chose Storksak’s Emily. She even gave the audience at her interview with Ellen DeGeneres either an Emily or a Gigi. The high quality elegance of these child bags has made a huge impact on new Hollywood Moms. The Emily is a casual tote that has two thermal insulated pockets that keep child bottles cold or hot up to 5 hours. I am certain that is 1 of the primary reasons, why Angelina, Jessica, and all the star moms have chosen these designer diaper bags.

Mia Bossi Child Bags

Hollywood Moms like Joley Fisher, Denise Richards, Natasha Henstridge, and Shanna Barker, have entirely fallen in adore with Mia Bossi’s Maria Tangerine designer diaper bags.” Non-Moms Paula Abdul and Shannon Elizabeth carry it since it is so desirable and holds everything: pc, diapers, its personal washable changing pad, diaper holder, additional clothing, cell pocket, and even has a zip-in-and-out lining for simple care. ?

Nest Child Bags

Beautiful Heidi Klum has created Nest’s Whipstitch designer diaper bags well-known. Luxuriously soft black leather with metal studs and stroller adaptable handles, it is a brilliant stand alone altering station with compartments that preserve baby’s clean things separate from the soiled. Bottle holders and pockets galore, any Mom on the go would really like this bag.

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