Apr 21, 2012

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Celebrity Ramona Braganza / Jessica Alba Featuring Body Up Apparel

Celebrity Ramona Braganza / Jessica Alba Featuring Body Up Apparel

Ramona Braganza, Body Up enthusiast, featured in this video demonstrating her superb operate out programs.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. bestofyoutoday says:

    Visit the Best of You Today’s website to view Ramona Braganza’s interview with us.

  2. Qldroarfan94 says:

    That cake is a horny mother fucker.

  3. constantreader95 says:

    What I wouldn’t give to be that cake……..

  4. webkinzspongebob says:

    At 0:23 The girl says “I like seaweed.” Then Murray is all like, “seaweed…..(you’re serious?” FOODIST

  5. LaughingAshley19 says:

    where the f*ck is the cheese!!!

  6. Wow … fat-phobic bigotry. What a shock.

  7. lol what happened her acting? and what happened to the pizza? LOL either way alba is still hot :D

  8. I think I’d have to agree with that cake, Jessica is very scrumptious

  9. ldragon88 says:

    as if that woman is eating a salad… LOL

  10. thekater5000 says:

    UR SO funny! :p

  11. No one else could’ve defined “scrumptious” so well…

  12. MageeForever says:

    I think Jessica Alba is totally scrumptious.

  13. dixonmixin10 says:

    She is just too cute 😀

  14. ambalabibo says:

    Lol she’s kinda overacting no? I like how De Niro was so cool on Sesame Street haha XD

  15. roberc88 says:

    She’s scrumptious, but her acting skills even in Sesame Street is not. ;P

  16. Jessica Alba is scrumptious
    0.47 — 1.33
    plus grape nuts commercial ending “its a mouth full of awesome”

  17. Jessica Alba is scrumptious

  18. 0:29 to 0:31 – HAH! she’s eating a SCRUMPTIOUS salad

  19. That is the grossest looking pizza I’ve ever seen.

  20. turdfurgeson3 says:

    i never thought i’d say this but that cake read my mind

  21. DjWade3734 says:

    Jessica Alba = Scrumpcious

  22. Wow, I’m surprised her head didn’t explode from all that mentel exertion.

  23. Hotty6969 says:

    Jessica Alba is scrumptious

  24. hawkslax33 says:

    she looks realy realy yummy=)))

  25. drummer4life133 says:

    JESSICA ALBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. AndyManderz says:

    btw That pizza is not scrumptious at all 😛

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