Apr 21, 2012

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Celebrity Tattoos – Jessica Alba

Celebrity Tattoos – Jessica Alba

I will admit I truly do not recall every single seeing Jessica Alba’s tattoos just before and come to come across out she has at least three that I could discover. She has a wrist tattoo that is in the Sanskrit word “Padma” which means lotus flower. In Hinduism, it is the symbol of spiritual development. It is the symbol of the manifestation of beauty and mental purity (the capacity to rise above) – for even though it has its roots in the mud of ponds and lakes, it raises its flower in immaculate beauty above the surface of the water. She also has a tattoo of a daisy with a ladybug on it on the back of her neck and a bow on her lower back. I could not find a appropriate image of her neck tattoo, so you will just have to take my word that she does indeed have one back there.

I do come across this rather exciting that Jessica could have these tattoos in these pretty noticeable areas and practically get away without having hardly any individuals noticing that she even has three tattoos. Which I assume is genius. So if you are wanting to get a tattoo and don’t want to it be too noticeable then possibly you ought to follow Jessica Alba’s footsteps and get your tattoos in the locations that she has them.

Jessica did open up about her most recent tattoo which is of a ladybug and daisy on her neck. She stated that her mom, aunt and her all went out and got tattoos one particular day as a “bonding knowledge.” And all three of them got diverse ladybug tattoos.

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