Apr 21, 2012

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Chris evans and Jessica alba part 2

Chris evans and Jessica alba part 2

wedding pix… i love them each..this is my 2nd vid about them…same pix…hihhihih..but some r new
Video Rating: four / 5

  1. JulyaKeyRBD says:

    Chris ♥

  2. BrockL191 says:

    this movie sucked assssssssss

  3. fotaness101 says:

    wat’s the title of the song??

  4. bluebabygal says:

    your welcum.!! n i think jessica is to beautiful for cash!!

  5. cash warren is much better

  6. thanks<3

  7. no they’re not married, not even in this movie:P

  8. totallypeterkay18 says:

    I love this couple soo much! Thanks!!

  9. bluebabygal says:

    they are not together but i hope they are…
    thank u for all ur comment hope ull support me always:)

  10. 8acracker says:

    are they really meried?

  11. wow…so nice…

  12. wakamoley says:

    they should totally go out in real life 😉

  13. bluebabygal says:


  14. llaydeexhush15 says:

    luv iit luv iit luv iit 100% luv dem b0th

  15. bluebabygal says:


  16. xy98bqstm says:


  17. bluebabygal says:


  18. luv it!

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