Apr 21, 2012

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fantastic four 2-wedding scene(chris evans and jessica alba)

fantastic four 2-wedding scene(chris evans and jessica alba)

johnny storm(chris evans) and sue storm(jessica alba) ..wedding scene… hope it will occur in genuine life..
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Jessica Alba And The Family Are Surrounded By A Mob Of Paparazzi In Beverly Hills

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren brought their two daughters Honor and Haven out for lunch in Beverly Hills.
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  1. bluebabygal says:

    i also hope!!^^

  2. xy98bqstm says:

    yeah i like them both!! they should get married in real life they make the perfect couple because they flirt with each but it’s so sweet they really belong together i hope they get married or at least date one day

  3. bluebabygal says:

    but what i mean is that..they’ll get married in real life

  4. bluebabygal says:

    yah..its only in the movie chris and jess are siblings in the movie….

  5. Denebola171 says:

    Wait, so you want him to walk her down the aisle so she can marry another guy? Huh? I’m pretty sure that he’s *giving her away*, not marrying her…

  6. bluebabygal says:

    yeah!!!! i like the both of them!! ^^
    hope it will happen in real life.

  7. sarpio123 says:

    Oh joy =)

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