Apr 21, 2012

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Hollywood stars Jessica Alba and Topher Grace talk about their new movie Valentine’s Day on GMTV

Hollywood stars Jessica Alba and Topher Grace talk about their new movie Valentine’s Day on GMTV

One particular of Hollywood’s hottest actresses, Jessica Alba, joins us on the GMTV sofa alongside co-star Topher Grace to talk about new rom-com Valentine’s Day

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Video Rating: four / five

  1. anthony12861 says:

    jessica alba is so hot!

  2. thedragonknightjp says:

    I wanna fuck her

  3. deergstemeneer says:

    Jessica alba, so beautiful

  4. stanleyknife72 says:

    Gee who gives on about this Eric,topher* guy anyway my eyes were on Jessica’s….face 😉

  5. 19Wylds95 says:

    all these comments about Topher, what about the beautiful jessica? 🙂

  6. 0RandomThings0 says:

    Topher Grace (Eric) has always been hot ever since the first episode from that 70’s show!

  7. TheSlytherin777 says:

    He’s so CUTE!!!! My God

  8. Anonymoustube1 says:

    i love how chill  topher is, so laid back and doesnt even try. and he actually takes the questions seriously and answers intelligently

  9. mrXXrauf182XX says:

    Eric !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. SaraxAdam says:

    that. IS NOT. eric.
    i mean i know it is but like woah when’d he get hot? :o

  11. firax456 says:

    foreskin is a gift from god

  12. mumbojumbo766 says:

    thats a new one on me , i knew they shortened andrew to drew but topher ?! , no one gets called that in england………i wouldn’t call my dog that

  13. Jum015817 says:

    When I was watching this I was thinking “why is eric with jessica alba and not donna??” 🙁

  14. NoodleBoy26 says:

    at the start of this video. i thought it was in spanish.

  15. Purplecupcake4 says:

    @mumbojumbo766 it’s short for christopher..

  16. Halpin9T4 says:

    short for Christopher

  17. FTW O.o at first I thought she was speaking spanish, D@MN she talks fast O.o

  18. FTW O.o at first I thought she was speaking spanish, D@MN she talks fast O.o

  19. Broseidon34 says:

    haha i love forman hes so high

  20. SPOJAdventures says:

    Topher looks soooo stoned

  21. mumbojumbo766 says:

    topher…… wtf , first time i’ve ever heard anyone called that , twat of a name

  22. jessica is so beautiful!

  23. she’s so beautiful!

  24. SuperJuero says:

    it sounds like he tries to deepen his voice lol

  25. xhappynonsense says:

    topher grace is incredibly hot

  26. exittheolivetree23 says:

    Hi I’m Jessica Alba and i can financially afford a diaper that cost 3 times as much as a regular diaper.

  27. TheJulo58 says:

    I love you Jessica

  28. elleamor says:

    Where can one get your address, does sit work for all over the world or just usa

  29. aarongluzman says:

    Composed, serene…
    Free of pretence…
    Charm , personality…
    Easy, comfortable…
    So…impressive, inspiring…
    A distinct gifted persona…

  30. shes soo hottt!!!! have ma babies plz!!!

  31. thisishornitism says:

    can Haven be anymore cuter?

  32. xxbluejay21 says:

    Jessica Alba has a beautiful heart. Don’t judge based on preconceived notions of commercials.

  33. amyyyamy says:

    she ALSO wants to make money, obviously, and there’s nothing wrong with that

  34. PureVikingPower says:

    Nah she just wanna make money

  35. amyyyamy says:

    usually i do not like videos like this cause they’re mostly fake, but in this one i actually believe they mean it

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  37. TOPFOSTER says:

    L O V E IT……… Thank you Jessica & Christopher for bringing HONEST products to families who want to give their children the best chance at a healthy start to life.
    Much love to you both and those gorgeous kids

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