Apr 20, 2012

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Jessica Alba Bikini Swimming in Deep Water

Jessica Alba Bikini Swimming in Deep Water

The best Jessica Alba Video in Bikini!

  1. XxD3ADTIM3xX says:

    omfg Is it even posdible to look that good!!

  2. rylestknuckles says:

    0:17… That lucky bastard.

  3. OnlyForComments1001 says:

    It’s funny how this czernia whatever kid is bitching about fucking spelling while everyone else here is rightfully jacking off

  4. leaf16nut says:

    You bring up whales on a video featuring Jessica Alba’s ass… HOMOSEXUAL MUCH?!

  5. TheOswaldoBA says:

    Amen men

  6. I came here to wack S.T.F.U.

  7. if my hand was sandpaper and my dick wood i think i would have alot of sawdust to clean up!

  8. wrapper10203 says:

    Into the Blue

  9. Czerniakowska says:

    Great to hear from you, Billy-Joe, though I’m saddened by the news that you’re sad. Still, engaging
    in this dialogue at least keeps you on your computer a little longer and therefore frees your sister, Daisy-May, from your attentions for a while. I really do wish you good luck in life, if only becauise I know just how desperately you’re going to need it.

  10. wayzhack69 says:

    Wow, being stupid must really be bothering you, because it seems that you are so unwilling to admit that you are wrong that you hound over youtube waiting for me to reply… It’s so sad to know that there are such stupidly stubborn people in this world, wasting their lives trying to convince themselves that they are right, obsessed with people who prove them wrong on the internet. Well, its probably better for the world if you are inside on your computer all day anyway…

  11. Czerniakowska says:

    I think I have a different Spellcheck programme, as the languages listed on mine include both ‘English (Proper)’ and ‘English (Redneck)’. I’m sorry to hear I’m no longer an ‘ignorant douche’, as I thought that my being such at least meant we had something in common. Mail me a picture of your trailer park sometime.

  12. wayzhack69 says:

    “2. To issue from a source; originate, To trace the origin or development of (a word)” <-does it make you feel stupid to see yourself fail at everything? Is it because your country is so uptight that you feel like you have to lash out on the internet? Is your inferiority making you sad? Just try typing in "colour" and watch spell check tell you its wrong. Well there you go, you are indefinitely wrong. Congrats, you've gone from an ignorant douche to a racist dumbass.

  13. Czerniakowska says:

    Check out that word ‘derives’, sweetheart, and then, next time, endeavour (correct spelling) to avoid having the drivel that you spout breaking down just three words into your opening sentence. While you’re at it, give the Chinaman who built my computer a ring and see if he can give you a few tips on the correct use of ‘Engrish’.

  14. wayzhack69 says:

    Suggesting that “English” derives solely from England or the UK serves to only restate your ignorance. If you would like to play it that way then I will break it down completely so that a simpleton like you may understand. You are using a NON-British computer to access the NON-British internet and comment on a NON-British website about a NON-British movie and specifically a NON-British actress, assuming that your British spelling is more appropriate than another.

  15. Czerniakowska says:

    Obviously, I would always defer to you on any matters relating to ignorant dicks, as none would challenge your position as one of them. If America had a language that it claimed to be ‘American’, I’m presuming that it would call it just that. As it is, you call the tongue in which you communicate ‘English’. Bit of a clue there, don’t you think? If you need some help in understanding that word ‘think’, don’t hesitate to get back to me and I’ll try to explain.

  16. wayzhack69 says:

    wrote it twice and you spelled it wrong both times. This is an AMERICAN website… on the internet which was invented by AMERICA… you know, America? The country created when all of the best people from your country came to north America and whooped your ass in a war to gain independence.
    SO, whilst trolling on one of OUR websites, making accusations and insulting our spelling just makes you look like an ignorant dick.

  17. Czerniakowska says:

    ‘Colour’, ‘Colour’. Have it your way, kid. I suspect that life is always going to be a bit of a struggle for you, so I wouldn’t want to add to your travails. Work hard at school and it’s just possible that one day you could rise as high as being a packer at your local grocery store.

  18. wayzhack69 says:

    lol this dude doesnt know how to spell humor… bet he puts a u in color too.

  19. Not sure about Track i think its :

    Paul van Dyk – “Home” feat. Johnny McDaid

  20. TheLeilisa says:

    what’s the ideal height for swimming?

  21. Miguel92ML says:

    whats the name of this song?

  22. 0:17

  23. 04tsxpower says:

    eat that

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