Apr 21, 2012

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Jessica Alba & Hayden Christensen in Awake

Jessica Alba & Hayden Christensen in Awake

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  1. Lucyloo123451 says:

    If Hayden wasn’t in this movie I would not want to watch it ­čÖü that is horrible and I hope that never happens to any people in usual procedures !! Also this is the FIRST EVER video that´╗┐ I DISLIKED I feel so guilty ! :,(

  2. SuperCottoncandygurl says:

    I will stab Jessica alba for kissing my husband´╗┐

  3. daynanel says:

    Oh my word!!!! Is it just me? Cuz this was just about the STUPIDEST MOVIE EVER!!! I nvr usually make posts like this…i tend to keep them to myself but omggg…who directed this? How can people make movies like this?!! Nothing clicks that this movie is missing something…no missing A LOT!!!??!!!´╗┐ Maybe I just wasn’t following but sheeshhh, HORRIBLE MOVIE…WASTE OF TIME!!! I would really like for someone to explain this movie to me since I missed the essence of it! -20/10 .yes, negative 20

  4. brittany johnson says:

    he is sooo´╗┐ sexyyy i love hayden christensen

  5. kadylynn2013 says:

    Hellloooo´╗┐ Hayden ;D

  6. xDrowningInsanity says:

    I´╗┐ love Hayden buuuut…… REPLACED JARED LETO D:

  7. The504gab says:

    i wouldve taken a´╗┐ roofies to make me forget

  8. I want to kiss him to ! :'(´╗┐

  9. TYRAchic says:

    I can’t believe I got away with watching a rated R movie just because I told my parents it had Hayden in it.´╗┐ I was 7 and I said it had Anakin Skywalker in it. LOL.

  10. toppo1414 says:

    Hayden´╗┐ is hot… Nuff said!

  11. veroalee15 says:

    i wanna´╗┐ see this!

  12. Truth987Seeker says:


  13. sergioreprezente says:

    that is a very good movie! and for the first time jessica plays a role of´╗┐ a very bad girl, their both 2 good performers!

  14. STFU2546 says:

    you horny slut´╗┐ gimme your address and i will pound your ass and your mom’s ass ­čśÇ

  15. BREAKING NEWS!! NUDE Jessica Alba cell pic’s have been leaked. She looks´╗┐ a few months pregnant in them but who cares. Your Welcome!! free vid of her getting spanked bare ass in new movie as well! ­čÖé

    tinyurl dot com/jalbaleaked

  16. LyricallyBlessedTV says:

    Lol you made a´╗┐ youtube channel

  17. candyapple1766 says:

    Ugh I´╗┐ wanna but don’t wanna see this. Only cuz Hayden Is super cute.

  18. delynn612 says:

    I have actually experienced that. I had surgery when I was six years old and felt the scalpel cutting into´╗┐ my flesh and other parts of the prodecure. It didn’t hurt, but I was aware of what was going on.

  19. 123nenagirl says:

    he´╗┐ lives

  20. bombardierdude15 says:

    horrible´╗┐ :”(

  21. countrygirl17395 says:

    wat happens does he live?´╗┐

  22. this movie was great and the´╗┐ trailer gave nothing away

  23. WeekendattheCabin1 says:

    Weekend at the Cabin Please check out the Trailer for “Weekend at the Cabin” and Purchase your´╗┐ own copy or rent it today. Help support your Indie Artist. Tell a friend. Have a great day.

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  24. niakowinchester says:

    The film was good, but after all Jessica Alba proved that she`s a bitch. :D´╗┐

  25. niakowinchester says:

    It`s Robert not Robin ­čśÇ I agree with you. Hayden Christensen is more´╗┐ handsome and a better actor than Robert.

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