Apr 24, 2012

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JESSICA ALBA Interview at “Machete” Premiere

JESSICA ALBA Interview at “Machete” Premiere

Maximo Television – License this footage www.maximotv.com http Soundbytes: Jessica Alba on Machete, on Arizona Immigration Law, on Danny Trejo, on speaking Spanish, on Robert Rodriguez and no comment on Lindsay Lohan at the Particular Screening of 20th Century Fox function “MACHETE” at Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles,Ca USA August 25, 2010 Machete Synopsis: The very skilled Federale Machete is hired by some unsavory kinds to assassinate a senator. But just as he’s about to take the shot, he notices a person aiming at him and realizes he’s been set up. He barely survives the sniper’s bullet, and is soon out for revenge on his former employers, with the reluctant assistance of his old friend Cheech Marin, who has become a priest and taken a vow of nonviolence. If you hire him to take out the poor guys, make positive the poor guys aren’t you! ***Thisfootage is offered for licensing*** The viewing of this clip by web site guests is only permissible for personal use copying, commercial use, distribution, broadcast, download, further use or transfer is expressly prohibited. Make contact with us for much more data at maximotv.com for correct clearance. © Ricomix Productions / Maximo TV™ / maximotv.com

  1. isdfgbsdf says:

    Is it true that stink twat got herpes from Derek Jeter?

  2. isdfgbsdf says:

    Is it true that stink twat got herpes from Derek Jeter?

  3. misskaedy says:

    can’t believe she has acne. this goes to show celebs r not perfect.

  4. mobbishlove says:

    Jessica Alba’s mother is of Danish and French Canadian descent and her father is Mexican American.

  5. memoranda1 says:

    man! her eye contact is breath taking i would not be able to help myself but to look somewhere else if she looked at straight at me and a nice smile the dude that is banging her hit the jackpot

  6. foreverPASHAN says:

     I understand what your saying cause I’m latina, but you said her grandfather is mexican I was just telling you that her father is Mexican, i think Mexican-American. And I agree with you on the whole Cameron Diaz. I don’t understand why just because she’s blonde they consider her white, but anyways I was just saying her father is Mexican, that’s his race.

  7. MissSamira59 says:

    she wasn’t raised latina. Latino isn’t a race, it’s a culture identified by a latin language.
    Her father never spoke spanish at home and I even think he was born in the USA. My mother is arab and I don’t consider myself as arab.
    She said something very smart. Cameron Diaz is more latina than her but nobody calls her latina because she’s blond, that’s stupid.

  8. foreverPASHAN says:

    I don’t know if you know this or not but her dad is mexican and her mom is white, so what are you talking about?

  9. cartelvip1 says:

    She have the best smile in the world

  10. reprojuben says:


  11. sweeteedon says:

    We all just look at Jessica , wow she is so mature and intelligent.

  12. hafizbinhussam says:

    Did anyone actually listen to what she said ???

  13. soulofthebang says:

    If you compare her Spanish to Pitching. She is throwing 36 MPH Fastball with no Breaking or Off Speed Pitches.

    Her Spanish is like a Wedding in India with No Dowry, Christmas with No Presents, Dawah with No Wudu.

    Shaq without Kobe, Jordan Without Pippen, Barry Bonds without Steroids, a Fat Chubby Boy without Cake.

    A Full Masjid without a Sheikh.

    Samuel L Jackson Plane Movie without Snakes

  14. MrSouthphillyitalian says:

    she bad

  15. amazingdany says:

    Back to more shitty movies because it’s not made by Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez. One trick pony…

  16. MissSamira59 says:

    she doesn’t feel latina because she wasn’t raise like that and I understand. My mother is arab and I don’t necessarily feel arab.

  17. sandandhied says:


  18. vatonorteno says:

    Actually, that would make her Mexican-American. She’s still Latina.

  19. MissSamira59 says:

    she’s not mexican she’s american. Her granfather is mexican. 

  20. MissSamira59 says:

    she’s not latina. Her grandfather is mexican, her and both of her parents were born in th USA.
    i don’t know how is it a shame an why is she supposed to be fluent in spanish whereas she was born in the USA, grew up there in a family who only speak english at home ?

  21. MissSamira59 says:

    only her grandfather is mexican so why would she speak spanish ?

  22. buttaskatesquad says:

    and suck my dick

  23. cmarcelo10 says:

    And go back to the kitchen too!

  24. NCSheriff7 says:

    she is so sweet .o

  25. buttaskatesquad says:

    speak spanish bitch!

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