Apr 21, 2012

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JESSICA ALBA Interview with TWEEN REPORTER PIPER REESE at Spy Kids Press Day!!

JESSICA ALBA Interview with TWEEN REPORTER PIPER REESE at Spy Kids Press Day!!

JESSICA ALBA Interview with TWEEN REPORTER PIPER REESE! Thank you SO considerably for SUBSCRIBING! Site: www.PipersPicks.Tv TWITTER www.twitter.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com 2nd CHANNEL: www.youtube.com HoLy PiPeRoNi! The Princess of the Press meets up with the 1 of the prettiest stars of the silver screen! YUP! JESSICA ALBA sits down with the 1 and only Tween Entertainment Reporter PIPER REESE to talk about SPY Youngsters: ALL THE TIME IN THE World in 4D, playing pregnant vs. becoming pregnant, and the coolness element of getting invisible vs. getting a spy! Check out the MeGa-PiPeRiFiC-PIPER REESE / JESSICA ALBA sit-down! A bunch of you have asked about Piper’s clothes! Piper’s outfit in this episode came from Izzy and Ash!
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  1. SeaskyLe6 says:

    God Damn, she’s so beautiful

  2. sushigirlxoxo says:

    oh cool….lol

  3. Thanks Piper! I do a webshow with my cousin, can you watch it and give me some advice?

  4. valencia653 says:

    jessica was like super relaxed its so funny

  5. PipersPicksTV says:

    It really varies depending on what we’re trying to do. We don’t use packaged effects though. Everything is created here.

  6. Piper, what software do you use to make the episodes?

  7. jellyworld135 says:

    danggg this is AWKWARDDDD!

  8. PipersPicksTV says:

    Aweee…Thank YOU!

  9. Hi Piper! Your videos are awesome! I watch every one of them. Thank You So Much!

  10. Ariellovezmh says:

    How do you get to meet These famous stars?

  11. Ariellovezmh says:

    Piper,how  do you get meet everyone thats famous?

  12. blueice1998 says:

    I still can’t believe she got to move to Hollywood because of her interviews.

  13. U2bersVidz says:

    jessica seems kind of awkward or tierd xD
    great interview piper! yet again <33

  14. GrubWarp says:

    burger king

  15. TheToyreviewer24 says:

    The movie was good didnt under stand why someone would hate it

  16. EmmaInCandyland says:

    woooo piper! awesome interview! jessica needs a rest tho xD

  17. tamalaursa says:

    You are really growing up! You look and sound all grown up! Amazing video as always 🙂

  18. stramayne says:

    Hmm, I don’t think Jessica Alba knew what to think of you Piper… Great interview though she certainly danced around those opinion questions!

  19. Dooficles97 says:

    <3 Love it!

  20. FaceBookAddict1999 says:


  21. daniellandgrens says:

    -And u were great…

    Jessica seem so much older now compared with from Fantasic four and those movies is just a couple of years old 🙂

  22. PipersPicksTV says:

    Thank you SO much! Awee…well, think it was a LONG day for Jessica…a long few days. She was pretty far along there 🙂 Very pretty.

  23. OMG I can’t wait to see you Joel McHale, I love Commuity! BTW Piper you seem so mature and grown up, Jessica seems tired…

  24. Rhetorical20 says:

    Awesome interview!

  25. She is fuckin gorgeous.

  26. Thewhiteandorange says:

    so many handsome guys…

  27. catawba909 says:

    she looks pregnant

  28. glendale7101 says:

    Face of an angel

  29. tht guy is soooooooooooooo hot

  30. uberfrozenglow says:

    how can someone prefer salma hayek over jessica alba? i’m not saying that salma is ugly but next to jessica she looks vulgar. jessica just have that face that is unique and when you watch this commercial and then you watch salma’s commercial, salma will look like a dwarf

  31. shayamalan007 says:

    campari must be prepared the right way..if not..its like any other drink.. the secret is in the fruit..that’s why on the back in the 80’s they decided to place a way how to prepare the best campari.. shaky… I think you got owned with some bad prepared Campari..cuz i drink it all the time.. and i love it… 20/10 .. lol no 100/10

  32. comunque mi accontenterei…

  33. Workerman87 says:

    Jessica Alba: 10/10
    Campari: 1/10 (worst shit I ever drank…)

  34. psathier says:

    who is that beautiful guy ?

  35. shaky87s says:

    i prefer salma hayek

  36. valesavy says:

    madonnaaa quanto è bonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  37. evelynbwong says:

    Jessica Alba was THE perfect model for “Campari!” d = o )

    Oh yeah… she’s as HOT & HOT gets!
    Go Jessica! Cool that she also has a NICE personality! d : o )

  38. kissmyswaqqer says:

    please tell me thats not her saying ‘campari – red passion’ cos if id is she sounds funny lols.

  39. nikkiboi1 says:

    soo fucking hott

  40. hurricane841 says:

    Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha – Petty Booka 😀

  41. CHATOthePRESIDENT says:

    come si chiama la canzone?

  42. Atitoinnyc says:


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