Apr 21, 2012

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Jessica Alba – Into the Blue – Film Clip

Jessica Alba – Into the Blue – Film Clip

Stunning tropical scenery and beautiful athletic movie stars may not make a film fantastic, but they sure do not hurt. Jared (Paul Walker, The Quickly and the Furious) dreams of locating sunken treasure and generating millions, but his girlfriend Sam (Jessica Alba, Wonderful Four, Sin City) is content with their poor but idyllic life in the Bahamas. Still, when they find artifacts from a 19th century pirate ship, she gets caught up in the excitement-until they also locate a crashed plane full of smuggled cocaine. Naturally, someone’s going to want that cocaine back… From there, Into the Blue is a surprisingly effectively-plotted action movie, unpredictable in its specifics if familiar in its broader outlines. Even far more pleasant, the action itself stays plausible and genuinely engaging all through. Jared seems able to hold his breath for a preternaturally lengthy time, but aside from that the movie is meticulous about the dangers and threats the characters face and is all the stronger for it. Add to this its unabashed ogling of Alba and Walker (each of whom are astonishing physical specimens) and you have a strong romp. Also featuring Scott Caan (Ocean’s Eleven), Tyson Beckford (Biker Boyz), and Josh Brolin (Flirting With Disaster) as a slimy rival treasure hunter. www.ize-stuff.com
Video Rating: four / 5

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