Apr 21, 2012

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Jessica Alba ~ Los Angeles Confidential March 2012

Jessica Alba ~ Los Angeles Confidential March 2012

Making of de la sesión de fotos de la actriz estadounidense Jessica Alba para la portada de la revista LOs Angeles Confidential de Marzo de 2012. In the concern Jessica talks her e-commerce organization The Truthful Firm (sincere.com): “When I [was pregnant the very first time] and started out buying in retailers and on-line, it was just horrific seeing all these toxic chemical compounds [in child products], which can contribute to every little thing from cancer to autism. I wanted to come up with one brand men and women could trust. You can have child items that are cute and eco-friendly, with delivery right to your door.” She talks her new animated film Escape From Planet Earth: “The style of acting for an animated film is significantly much more over-the-top rated, regardless of whether you happen to be trying to be dramatic or funny. And when you hear your voice [coming from an animated character], it really is bizarre. [You think,] That’s what I sound like to people?” She also talks her changing fashion style: “I didn’t use to wear a lot of color. I guess I’ve been a lot more adventurous with my style and clothes selections since I’ve turn out to be a mother. It doesn’t really feel as heavy or as massive of a deal. Just before, I was extremely bashful and shy. When I was younger, I was genuinely uncomfortable in dresses and high heels or something like that. More than the years, I’ve embraced a much more feminine side.” la-confidential-magazine.com
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  1. AlliesBeautyTips says:

    she is really beautiful!

  2. jasonlimers says:

    OMG she is so hottt!

  3. jacobnimet says:

    lol it’s at superstarleaks(dot)com/jalba

  4. vertuzio24 says:

    Where!! lol

  5. jacobnimet says:

    Jessica Alba is so hot! Still can’t believe her sex tape was leaked!

  6. convarcitromailhu says:

    It’s still one of the best woman in the world.

  7. PoodoSRB says:

    Is it me or the photographer is having an orgasm while shooting Jessica ?

  8. aarongluzman says:

    Joyful eyes…
    The secret of her beauty…
    Has a heart of gold…
    Has not lost her modesty…
    For her, everything is obvious & ordinary…
    Has a heart of gold…
    The most precious jewel of the world…

  9. ILOVEJESS110 says:

    soooo nice …. I love her , I mean … I love best mother in Hollywood

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