Apr 27, 2012

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Jessica Alba Loves Her Diaper Bags

Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, and  have much much more in common than being leading Hollywood Moms who adore their children and constantly get them the very best infant goods on the market place. Very best means most effective for the job as well as being high high quality and desirable, which is why so several celebrities, like Jessica Alba, buy Storksak diaper bags. In reality, most acquire far more than a single simply because they are such outstanding bags. Jessica, in reality, was so impressed by her Storksak Gigi and Emily, as she told Ellen DeGeneres and her audience, that she gave one to each member of the audience.

Jessica Alba’s Child Bags

Jessica Alba has at least 3 Storksak diaper bags: Angelina Jolie’s preferred Gigi in Chocolate, Emily in black, as effectively as her most recent acquisition, Dori, a stylish messenger bag in black patent and leather. Celebrities are on camera all the time, even when shopping for baby essentials, to measure their likes and dislikes against the general populace.

This is a distinct benefit for new moms like Jessica, who want the very best for their infant. Celebrities are conscientious and appear at the environmental friendliness and the functionality of products as nicely as the appear to make positive that they are creating wise decisions that will help their children to have happy and wholesome futures.

Why Celebrities Decide on Storksak Diaper Bags

Jessica’s favorites, Gigi, Emily, and Dori, all have distinct personalities that tailor to their owners and the objective that they have in mind. Gigi is a chic handbag that has been adapted to hold diapers, child bottles, and laptops. Created out of a durable and simple to wash nylon with all-natural leather handles and trim, with no toxic PVC or Teflon in site, Gigi can go everywhere with Jessica and Angelina regardless of whether at a photo shoot in Paris, or the United Nations in New York.

The thermal-insulate removable bottle holder is a ought to for busy moms since it can preserve Baby’s drinks each hot and cold for up to four hours, and, taking into consideration the lengthy hours that our Hollywood Moms maintain, this feature alone can be a godsend.

Emily for Casual Elegance

Both Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie favor Emily for the casual elegance, adaptability and sheer convenience of these Storksak designer diaper bags. Emily in Silver/Pewter is a single of the most popular infant bags of all time, and has even been seen worn by new father Twilight’s Cam Gigandet. Angelina opted for classic black and the new wealthy chocolate has been in wild demand as effectively. Whichever color scheme that you decide on, Emily is a leading choice for strolling with baby all day lengthy no matter whether you are on a movie set in India, like Angelina Jolie, or at house in LA just doing your everyday, like Jessica Alba.

Dori for Globe Travellers

This is not the identical Dori, even so, as Storksak Dori Diaper Bags. Just in the last couple of months, Jessica has been noticed everywhere with this strikingly fashionable black patent leather which is roomy enough for all of Honor’s necessities, Mommies factors, and a lap best. Also equipped with the designer’s signature thermal-insulated bottle pockets, Mom and Dads will constantly feel secure that they have selected the finest for Baby.

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