Apr 21, 2012

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Jessica Alba Moves – “Sexy” from The Movie “Honey”

Jessica Alba Moves – “Sexy” from The Movie “Honey”

Jessica Alba’s moves are wonderful! HOT!!!^^

  1. ohitsdaniella says:

    Dear God the things I would to have a body like Jessica Alba’s in this music video.

  2. nicobella12 says:

    @prancer1000 Its not just dancing skills the role needs, Its also acting skills too. They thought that Jessica Alba was the best fit for this role.

  3. kRobdafrog says:

    Actually no… she is nearly 31 years old haha

  4. you19987 says:

    I have this movie

  5. dajahm13 says:

    Come to my dance class

  6. dajahm13 says:

    I love it

  7. MegaZakeya says:

    My friend showed me how Jessica was dancing in this video. Man, I swear to Jesus she was sooo incredibly sexy!!! I just wanted to rip her clothes off her body!! Get this… she’s 20 ;))

  8. chasg243 says:

    Song- “Sexy” by Shawn Desman

  9. Rosebud000071 says:

    Please some one down laod this for me Honey movie for me please!!! Thank u.

  10. 101smarieee says:

    she is the definition of BEAUTIFUL!! :DD

  11. blackscent19 says:

    what is the title of the song? and whose the singer .. i really like it.

  12. babyboosabz says:

    she dances like a proffesional…better than many trained dancers

  13. 02EmoLove says:


  14. dd5432844 says:

    I love this song

  15. chaledos1 says:


  16. girlygirlari says:


  17. girlygirlari says:

    ii just fingered myself to this video she is tooo hot i couldnt help it

  18. iraqiprincess7 says:

    yea but there are other actors that have a lil experience on how to dance, and jessica does not suit her to do this kind of dance, shes pretty and can act just not in this movie or to be a dancer

  19. prancer1000 says:

     I thought that too,but its her back.

  20. prancer1000 says:

    I agree,she was not a dancer in the first place, before this role; They should of got a girl THAT CAN DANCE LIKE those girls from america best dance crew ,but at the time that show was not out,but someone that has experience in dancing ;they had to teach Jessica Alba how to dance just for this movie.

  21. frankiepescado3 says:

    Jessica Alba is georgous!!!!!!!!!!1


    Honey is the best movie ever and all the song from the movie are amazing.

  23. babyboosabz says:

    I would chop of my arm to have a body and face like that! 

  24. missymgc says:

    I love the rythm of this song

  25. TheStallioncat says:

    Have respect. she is giving us entertainment she has given us the gift of herself. Be grateful that she was willing to show her talent to the public.

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