Apr 21, 2012

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Jessica Alba NCAA Tournament Bracket Picks – The NOC – 2012

Jessica Alba NCAA Tournament Bracket Picks – The NOC – 2012

Jessica Alba’s NCAA Tournament Bracket Picks – The NOC – 2012 Subscribe above if you want to be eligible to win cool NOC Swag! C’mon–join Jessica Alba, Ryan Higa, Rick Fox, and Robert Horry in this year’s NCAA Tournament bracket. Subscribe to the NOC: www.youtube.com www.facebook.com twitter.com twitter.com

The actress sits down with Forbes to detail her new eco-friendly child brand The Honest Business. Read the write-up: tinyurl.com
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  1. TheEaglesfanindc says:

    “jessica alba’s my wife too be” enimem big ups on picking kentucky but that wasnt too hard lol

    anyway LETS GO DUKE!!

  2. whatdemonsdotosaints says:

    my god….

  3. 2anzzzKing says:

    she actually got the finals game right

  4. TalonIIV says:


  5. ravensfan020 says:


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  7. EastStonemason says:

    bitches will be bitches

  8. DopeHouseTx214 says:

    Who else watched this just cause she’s hot

  9. Meshugenah79 says:


  10. lol121loll says:

    Ladies take NOTES… js 53 dislikes…HATER hah jk

  11. wow she got kentucky beating kansas right.

  12. Mark John says:


  13. MrAntcar74 says:


  14. priz0nmike says:

    wow she was right on with the finals

  15. vejj5454 says:


  16. vejj5454 says:


  17. SeanBirgani says:

    Ryan Higa NCAA Tournament Bracket: 2351 views
    Jessica Alba NCAA Tournament Bracket: 79,065 views

    Guess why?

  18. toucheyang89 says:

    And she got the two teams correct playing for the National Title! Not bad!

  19. ModernGodOfWar says:

    Shes fckin hot. 

  20. you obviously don’t.

  21. techfreak47 says:

    Oh.. I forgot that she’s a mother lol

  22. esamokovski says:

    kentucky fried chiken with J.A. yummy

  23. dinoarmani1985 says:

    We all came heer cause of her facebook 😀

  24. drchen054 says:

    I kinda know what you mean.. like she’s sorta limited in her range of acting/talking, But don’t you think you are being too harsh bro? I mean isn’t caring about about the earth and babies a positive attribute? Having a good heart?

  25. laroger0 says:

    I have no idea how she actually made it in Hollywood. She is a caring, sweet, emotional, beautiful, funny, and down to earth person with a brain. She acts like she would have a nervous breakdown if she got turned down for a part in a movie. Hollywood can be a very cruel place, yet she survives. Truly amazing!!!

  26. jamaalknight says:

    I’ll date that reporter, picture this guy from hood who graduated from college with a reporter lol

  27. nachocheese154 says:

    She’s beautiful, but so boring. Not funny, charming or quirky in anyway. Shame.

  28. Liderc22 says:

    It is crazy how beautiful she’s stayed, it’s like she’s even prettier now than ever.

  29. xXTrueSShotX says:

    Thats what you want me to think, your tricks wont work on me you black ass nigger crack asser!

  30. lol I’m not black you idiot

  31. xXTrueSShotX says:

    u mad faggot nigger?

  32. stfu

  33. tourettetruthserum says:

    Aging mediocre actress, who doesn’t want to keep up with the flow anymore. All the best to you, but I find it hard to believe in your “honesty”.

  34. justavietgyrl says:

    her skin is so flawless and she just seems like such a sweet person! wish she was one of my girl friends!

  35. xXTrueSShotX says:

    tits or gtfo

  36. amyyyamy says:

    I just wish they wouldn’t always ask mothers how they find time. when will they start to ask fathers?

  37. ThePrimmaDonna says:

    Love her.

  38. I love her, I relate to her as a mum definitely!

  39. lucenell says:

    she’s so cute! You can see how exited she is!!

  40. alba kim. nuff said

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