Apr 21, 2012

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Jessica Alba on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1

Jessica Alba on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1

Jimmy Kimmel Reside – The first component of Jimmy’s interview with Jessica Alba Jimmy Kimmel Live’s YouTube channel attributes clips and recaps of each and every episode from the late night Tv show on ABC. Subscribe for clips from the monologue, the interviews, and musical performances every day of the week. Watch your favorites components again, or catch-up on any episodes you could have missed Channel: www.youtube.com Subscribe: www.youtube.com

  1. LovingtheWild says:

    Ummm why some people are obsessed with her and say she’s the most beautiful woman in the world??you haven’t seen all woman in the world dumb asses.She’s just a human being,unique in her own way but nothing makes her more special than the rest

  2. diesouljer1 says:

    at one point in time possibly the sexiest woman ever

  3. Lien3383 says:

    She is my muse)))…And all world her…

  4. andrepreisler says:


  5. TheHappyKantus says:

    I came here thinking she’d be interesting but THIS…………this is BULLSHIT!!!!

  6. th4tguyomg says:

    @vicgran08 Amen!

  7. scarletswalk823 says:

    after having 2 kids, she is way too skinny and weak looking. she needs to eat

  8. IZABELLA307 says:

    indeed 🙂

  9. vicgran08 says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present to you God’s most perfect creature on earth.

  10. ZaraMarie22 says:


  11. Some advice for all the YouTubers watching this video…..

    Hit mute.

    You’re welcome.

    -Daz Reht

  12. kuwaitmahal says:

    jessica i love you

  13. thegiftedmedia says:


  14. ThePunkbebe says:

    her tits look about one tit apart.

  15. PwnBusiness says:

    she plays world of warcraft.

  16. Isabelle5557 says:

    Hahaha “the honest company”

  17. ClydeBenedict57 says:

    I caught jimmy peeping on jessica’s tits..

  18. nevermoonawolf says:


  19. she always has been really beautiful but really really boring, 🙂

  20. nachocheese154 says:

    Bend over please

  21. ipiximeat says:

    I don’t like her

  22. 02EmoLove says:


  23. filmelich says:

    Wow… I used to love Jessica Alba, but this was a waste of time. When did she become so boring? 🙁

  24. StockAL3Xj says:

    how the fuck old are you? im just continuing this conversation to piss you off, i think youre actually trying to make me shut up. This is hilarious

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