Apr 21, 2012

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Jessica Alba ‘Super hot’ spotted leaving ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Show!

Jessica Alba ‘Super hot’ spotted leaving ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Show!

Jessica Alba visits Jimmy Kimmel Reside! as fans try to get autographs from the star in Hollywood, Ca. June 11, 2010. When Jessica Alba was littler her household move a round quit a bit, because of his job in the Air force, her dad is an Spanish, Mexican American decent. Jessica had to move to Biloxi, Mississippi when she just a little kid, then following couple of years later they moved once more to Del Rio, Texas, following the second move, lastly the third move they are back to there residence state California. Jessica knew she wanted to be an actress at the early tender age of 5. She has an agent signed at age 12, and then she started taking acting class to much better herself and future her dream in the field of In 1994, Jessica landed her first film role known as ” Camp Nowhere” she been extremely fortunate for this role, because one of the character cast dropped out of the production, she went in and fill the role simply because of her hair that match of the original actress. Later on in her acting career she did some tiny projects and on to the small screen with a lot of commercials such as for JC Penny, Nintendo and repeated role in Nickelodeon show known as ” The Secret Planet of Alex Mack in 1994.” Interest facts, did you know that Jessica was a Pedi certified scuba diver, and cast as Maya in the film in 1995 called the ” Flipper”. She was kidnapped immediately after receiving telephone threats. Great factor she is alive and unharmed back of the trunk of a auto. Some of the film she was in here is the list: In 2005 she was in

  1. iamthecooltype says:

    I think they worship her because they think she’s sexy and hot. Most men I’ve read commenting about her would say that her acting isn’t so good but that they watch her movies because of the way she looks.

  2. I would be so f***ing annoyed!

  3. lmaostrnoob says:

    Look at these fuckers sticking shit in her car, I would’ve broke that faggets nose, with the camera

  4. doseh3ad says:

    its like fucking halloween for adults

  5. danimal97520 says:

    And you have unquestioned proof of this of course….

  6. Pharaoh28 says:

    People are idiots, it’s like the worship her cause she acts in movies.

  7. Transinater says:

    lol what kind of life is it to be a celebrity. people ordering you to wave at them, having pictures of yourself (that you dont even remember taking cause when your Jessica alba hot you take Alot of pictures) being shoved in your face then sighing them to be put on ebay for money.. great life…

  8. runtubefantasy says:

    so these “latenight shows” are filmed in the day??

  9. i did’t see wtf

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