Apr 23, 2012

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Jessica Alba superhero interview on the London EYE

Jessica Alba superhero interview on the London EYE

Chuck the Movieguy interviews Jessica Alba in the London Eye for her new superhero film

Jessica Alba - That Girl

that girl … Jessica Alba … ah ah ah ladys and gentlemen the most beautiful women of globe … aha aha aha
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  1. MrReman23 says:

    Yess. No wonder…

  2. Liderc22 says:

    She’s hispanic and white.

  3. MrReman23 says:

    Best white girl. Big lips, not pale skin, dark brown hair… only white girl that can be beautiful

  4. 02EmoLove says:

    jessica alba is natural beautyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  5. 02EmoLove says:


  6. MsNato0o says:

    صدق اان ما عندكم ساالفه تحبوون هااي ..

  7. MrThedancestar says:

    at EVERY video of an interview of her the top comments are: she’s so beautiful, but it’s true, she really is

  8. gtrTeamLeaderTurkey says:

    cash warren fuckin lucky!

  9. PlatynumEagle says:

    that’s it!
    my new career: INTERVIEWER!

  10. PlatynumEagle says:

    natural beauty!

  11. chamlingTV says:


  12. morteza021 says:

    i love her!

  13. lehvak8567658 says:

    An interview in London but interviewer has an American accent? That’s a first.

  14. Nejhezči

  15. Evieeeeeee1 says:

    ahhh she’s so hot and i love her style ( :


    she is so sexy its unexplainable

  17. IpadAppsReviewer says:

    I love Jessica so much I don’t care if she wasent famous cause she is just so beautiful and always smiles!!

  18. crashoveride121 says:

    No,the ideea is that she is a lovely person,from all sides,she has the sense of responsability,i don’t know.. there’s something about her that i don’t see on other hollywood stars,is not just beautifull,i can’t say that i love her,i apreciate her for the person she is.

  19. droopy512 says:

    i love her bekuz she hav abeautiful face!!! 😀

  20. OMG i love her SOOO MUCHHHH…..!!!!! T.T

  21. BrandNewShoe says:

    she has

  22. OlyMp241 says:


  23. Marieflorre says:

    I love her because she’s a healthy girl who like to laugh a lot.

    For the “from your heart” side ,it’s impossible to say ,simply because I never date her.d’huh!!!
    You have your response kojides 2007

  24. hallrock12 says:


  25. BoyfriendStealer says:

    i LOVE this song!!! theres like, a few other versions ( not remixes, just dif lyrics atthe very end- like instead of saying “…damn im feeling like i hit the lotto/my caramel model…” another artist/MC says something different–its great(!!) dont get me wrong, i just happen to LOVE the original vers. of the song 🙂 but everyone is entitled to their own opinions, right? :) <3

  26. BoyfriendStealer says:

    she really is!

  27. This is so perfect…I really like it ! 5 stars

  28. Hansinho182 says:

    that girl – frank J ft. chamillionare

  29. IdaaRenathee says:

    My rolemodel : D

  30. brothercucho says:

    what is song???

  31. joaquindacosta says:

    the first scene of this video when she was walking all hot and sext at the alley which episode/season of dark angel was that? can anyone tell me? thanks

  32. IdaaRenathee says:

    I love her ! : )

  33. JoroJugga says:


  34. amatista161 says:

    este es el 1 video que pone mi amorcito de la fea de jesikita jajaj ya ya no es fea ojala ponga mi video tambien jeje SANDRITA Y HANSINHO jejej mua I LOVE YOU

  35. Oh, my god!
    Jessica is the sexiest woman in the world.

  36. shinkyouku says:

    perfect girl is perfect

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