Apr 21, 2012

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Jessica Alba Tagged – 5 FACTS! Heidi Montag HIGHER! FU ET!

Jessica Alba Tagged – 5 FACTS! Heidi Montag HIGHER! FU ET!

www.buckhollywood.com GO TO BUCK HOLLYWOOD FOR A GAME! YAY! This one particular is random! Who the hell tagged Jessica Alba?! 5 details we never necessary to know! Heidi’s new song! OMG! youtube.com Kirstie Ally- enjoy her but she is WACKED! And ET is the biggest A-HOLE- 1st Anna Nicole now Heath Ledger. They suck! PS- thanks for watching/rating/commenting!! PPS- I shot this Monday night so it’s a tiny dated now but it’s nonetheless entertaining! Promise! HA!

  1. Bandhan121 says:

    schönes teil wäre echt cool wenn jemand mich von meinem einsamen dasein retten würde

  2. simplythao says:

    Why do you guys watch it if you don’t like it? Its like the same haters on every video. If you don’t like video 1,2 and 3 then you won’t like the rest. I m just saying

  3. srpski0junak says:

    jbo ti pas mater coroskopu odvratni! crko kakav si mamu ti svaki dan derem, picka ti materina… ti si se nasao pravit pametan i da seres o glumicama… izgorio majci

  4. srpski0junak says:

    go fuck yourself u miserable idiot! .i.

  5. kashamaar says:

    Can you give my youtube channel a shoutout, it’s called kashamaar!

  6. anna5anana says:

    5 Stars!!!
    I hope you get paid well for this, because you deserve it! You are funny, courageous, honest and right!

  7. coremeyn says:

    Btw YOU Were Tagged By @Charlieisscoollike

  8. westy2k6mvp says:

    This guy is reason alone to burn benders at the stake

  9. Ejner1996 says:

    I love Heidi Montag <3

  10. wwjdCRABS says:

    Search for “send this to Jessica Alba.” Trust me.

  11. georginachito says:

    your Uqly Faqq & a Hater :p

  12. smellta1070 says:

    Any of you fellas seen that nude video of her? there’s one at

    think you have to register for free first, then search “Jessica Alba”
    her fannys noice! lol

  13. sauskekun2008 says:

    i like the beginning song

  14. Dunria09 says:

    That was funny! Awesome vid =D

  15. at 0:01 it sounds like he said fuck

  16. queentrissa says:

    haha finally someone knocks her down a notch instead of like everyone else, worshiping her.

  17. what the buck tell me whats a happenin, hahaahah yay!

  18. PATRICK1197 says:

    You rock dude

  19. RaeRachelRae says:

    well since i’m a straight female, I didn’t enjoy her song at all, since the video is just her rolling and skipping around half naked, “singing” like some sort of slutty chipmunk. Guys and lesbians will like the video though, provided they turn the sound off.

  20. lilanglev says:

    LMFAOOOO xD hes so mean in this vid i luv it

  21. smashwhammy says:

    A bug

  22. smashwhammy says:

    BTW, this IS his job!

  23. smashwhammy says:

    If people don’t like it, don’t watch it!

  24. XavierTheEleventh says:

    He is, idiot. It’s well known.

  25. LinkBriannnna says:

    this guy must be gay

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