Apr 21, 2012

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Jessica alba tiger beer ad

Jessica alba tiger beer ad

Juz a video of jessica alba in the tiger beer advertisement
Video Rating: four / five

  1. TheSuckok says:

    WTF is tiger beer?

  2. darthskorge says:

    I’ll giver her a tiger…Hang on, lemme get it out! It’s in my pants!

  3. LaughingAshley19 says:

    perfect. smile.

  4. xxxnormanxxx says:

    at 1st i didnt believe this was jessics alba… cause i wont think that SG tiger would get her in… but this is real amazing!!

  5. TaTyTu777 says:

    lindsay lohan is sexy, but not sexier than Jessica Alba <3

  6. onecatblack says:

    i like this Ad

  7. stiansoftcore says:

    hawthawthawth omg *masturbatemasturbate*

  8. Cascadeh says:

    I think she’s gorgeous, but that’s pretty much it 😛

  9. wow..jessica looks HOT in this video.!!!!

  10. pennychee17 says:

    i would gv her a tiger or two? hhahaha

  11. HabboBoredom says:

    I have freckles all over too
    so I guess i’m disgusting..

  12. acsmitte says:

    fuck linsday lohan. shes the reason life is a bitch

  13. MokneeAlba says:

    No she’s not, fool. Who do you hang out with? A bunch of Anos?

  14. blacksoulcrusher says:

    Lindsay lohans fat

  15. lindsay lohan sexy?? lol… shes got freckles everywhere… disgusting

  16. NOBODY is that lucky! lol. “MAXIM” magazine lost all credibility (what little they had to begin with) when they placed her 2nd to Lindsey Lohan in their “100 Sexiest Women” list. Second!!…To Lindsey Lohan!!…Give me an F’in break!!!

  17. Hell yeah,but hav u seen a close up look of her face?

  18. lotluxe29 says:

    She is the most hottest Hollywood Star Ever!!

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