Apr 21, 2012

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Jessica Alba Topless Pics?! ZOMG!!!

Jessica Alba Topless Pics?! ZOMG!!!

i saw them at egotastic.com twitter.com i’ll be performing in show in Toronto on Nov 13th! nuliteent.com for much more information
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. 1Onsokumaru1 says:

    Dude said he’s gonna use his happy tears as happy lube

  2. softbreadstool17 says:

    Haha the tags for this videoXD

  3. jayisabeast193 says:

    u read my mind when u said u were a pervert

  4. Hellopleesh says:

    are u shitting me. jess albas so fukin’ fine.

  5. Hellopleesh says:

    have u seen his gf’s. they are all hot lol. better shit than u culd ever get.

  6. Hellopleesh says:

    he prob means trim them. girls dont dig hairy bushes just like we dont likes hairy bushes on our laadies.

  7. Gerardoruizrodriguez says:


  8. froboy2180 says:

    If I could have sex with 10 girls before i died, one of them would be Jessica Alba

  9. joziepepe says:

    he should be wearing a yellow hat (no racial)

  10. Lfcdavo777 says:


  11. Jareddx27 says:

    0:47 it is for me

  12. nneewwbbee says:

    You suck…all talk no boobs

  13. TimLincecum211 says:

    You shave ur pubes why? Jw

  14. who is this gay ???

  15. YoitsdaLeo says:

    Goo celtics!!

  16. iMargaretful says:

    iDon’t give a Fuuhc Lol! & Machate the shit & ur a perv, but i love it 😛

  17. dawangstaman says:

    lol it’s accually my birthday nov. 4

  18. ebberz09 says:

    How the hell them lame ass niggas get to arguing over teams over a video bout titties smh….niggas

  19. JustJackShadow24 says:

    i love this dude so much

  20. JorJorArmany says:

    Is this MY BIRTHDAY? is it Christmas? LMAO!! XD

  21. hectorltd says:

    What is this ?? is it my birthday ?? is it christmas ?? lmfaoooo

  22. alwayzatiger1 says:

    i hate it wen pple fight over the comments they make
    no one knows anyone so yy waste your time arguing over sumthing stupid

  23. sigmata84 says:


  24. TyReckless117 says:

    “Idonnt give a FUCKKK !” lmao !

  25. singingsophia says:

    okaaayy ewww, she is not hot, how wld that be heaven to you ew! but w.e u a perv n only yukky pervs like her anyways haha.

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