Apr 21, 2012

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Jessica Alba updo for long or short hair!

Jessica Alba updo for long or short hair!

I am going to try alternating amongst formal and everyday designs in order to get through the assortment of requests I’m finding. If you want a far more every single day tutorial just sit tight :)! How to do a rough blow out: www.youtube.com My Tag/Makeup/Haul/OOTD channel: www.youtube.com/letsmakeitup2 Twitter: www.twitter.com/letsmakeitup1 Requests: www.formspring.me/letsmakeitupreq Check out the contest at: beautyticket.com
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  1. Vegojo96 says:


  2. TheCaptainEva says:

    you suck

  3. 2strange1 says:

    Its not that easy as it looks.. It definately works for your hair but not for mine…and thats really irritating…

  4. zetundzet says:

    I’ve never tried this look myself, but I’d curl it :)

  5. do u have 2 curl ur hair?

  6. STYLISH2012GIRL says:

    what the hell???!!!!!

  7. odete20091 says:

    Amo cabelos longos.Este vídeo é sensacional.Gosto muito!!!

  8. babymoochie says:

    Lol your hair at 3:05

  9. zetundzet says:

    it’s to make the winding around your fingers easier and so that the curls you pin look nicer 🙂

  10. MercedesBenz1994 says:

    I would say yes because she has bangs, just make sure can braid them in with each other. the shorter the bangs the harder it might be to incorporate into the braid but i is doable, and you can hairspray or gel fly-aways 🙂

  11. Roebijntje says:

    damn girl, you have your eyes in the back of your head!!

  12. kinkajoes says:

    great tutorial, thanks so much!

  13. xtinaaguilerademi says:

    you look like lindsay lohan from right and left side

  14. SiaElleB says:


  15. DanaiHelen says:


  16. xoxmadelynluv says:

    I am the 11 year old version of you!! ur beautiful!!!

  17. selenagomezfan0101 says:

    then why do u even watch or try them?

  18. picanio333 says:

    Im sorry but wats the point of curling your hair if you dont even see it?? your just winding it around your finger and pinning it up

  19. Sarah Womack says:

    im sorry, i don’t think you understand what I’m saying, and I really don’t think that you know me so you shouldnt assume you understand what I was saying either, and im sorry if you took what i was saying that wrong way but it wasnt for you anyways so sorry if you thought it was 🙂 it was for siennalawrence and I was actually agreeing with you, she is beautiful and i would love to look like her ( the lady in the video)

  20. DANAIHELENstardoll says:

    -.- I know what you actually wrote.

  21. summerlovesswimming says:

    loooolllll u crack me up!!!!!!!!!!

  22. valentinaalv says:

    one word: BEAUTIFUL

  23. DANAIHELENstardoll says:

    I don’t know to whose post you replied but I saw it anyway.

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