Apr 21, 2012

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Jessica Alba with her 7 month yr old baby

Jessica Alba with her 7 month yr old baby

jessica alba

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  1. MultiLostKid says:

    any guy in this world would love jessica alba to bear his baby!

  2. paksallion says:

    jessica alba is gorgeous. those lips are the most welcomming lips ive come across. you sound like a paki gangster from alumrock btw. im not a negro im a paki but i HATE the fuck out of paki girls. generally youre all shallow, 2 faced sluts and when i find a real genuine and good looking paki kuri i will shout yippe kye aye mother fucker with pride, then i can honestly say not all paki girls are the same!!! untill then youre dead to me.

  3. paksallion says:

    well i suggest you start acting like one.

    pm me if youre good looking by the way. 🙂

  4. paksallion says:

    get a girl. it will make you a better person and most importantly a better man.

  5. paksallion says:

    you need to learn what sarcasm is. you idiots from non english countries always misunderstand things and then just come up with your own conclusions. if english isnt your first language, dont bother talking to me unless youre a sexy looking mamacita

  6. paksallion says:

    wheres your fighting spirit you peice of smelly sock, where on earth did you dissapear to? if you want to give out bullshit to someone learn to receive it and love it too

  7. paksallion says:

    if you look like shit with a side of vomit i’ll still take you in with open arms. because thats how us muzzypakis roll.

    PS you’re = you are
    also you need to learn to string sentances together you english person lol

  8. paksallion says:

    you against zionism this means you should eat proper grapes that have been ripened for a solid 3 days after its consume-by date. and you also have to make sure your grapes have been fed hay through the age of 2days and 14 days. But as a side note i would like you to definelty take into consideration that if you don’t follow this word for word letter by letter there is a good chance you’ll have to eat pearl drops through a straw thats matured for 9month

  9. Towertingz1 says:

    Such a beauty!

  10. pottersuperfan1 says:

    7month “yr” old baby???? lol

  11. paksallion says:

    that cant be her baby, because she hasnt met me yet. this is false information. all lies

  12. Grasskicker123 says:

    idk just idk i just wanna see you guys just whats up you know

  13. FamousQuiles says:

    ugh no , what are we gonna do

  14. Grasskicker123 says:

    haha hey make a video of you and jacob i wanna see you guys

  15. FamousQuiles says:

    yeah i wish

  16. Grasskicker123 says:

    haha since were friends it shows me that you faved this vid but its funny cuz it kinda looks like you at :45 hahah jk

  17. FamousQuiles says:

    dylan how did you get here ?
    but yeahhh , shess cute .

  18. Grasskicker123 says:

    Hahaha cuz you do not want to know what a milf is haha

  19. FamousQuiles says:

    what milf ?

  20. virginiaqq says:

    soooooooo cute.
    Love Honor!!!

  21. lioncheater says:

    milf milf MILF!

  22. BellaLatz says:

    lol i thought her girl was a boy and her baby kinda ugly (didnt see that happening)

  23. azureecloud says:

    hey thanks for uploading. love it .keep it up

  24. TheDowntown86 says:

    my GOD all those people with the cameras just standing there snapping away at whatever they do! what a fucking freak show! O.O mind officially blown. disgusting.

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