Apr 21, 2012

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Jessica Alba’s New Baby – Ronnie Khalil

Jessica Alba’s New Baby – Ronnie Khalil

Ronnie Khalil calls Jessica Alba to ask her out on a date. She is powerless against his charm. ***Assist make me well-known, pay a visit to www.miamicomics.com. Thanks!***
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  1. Joe88877788 says:

    Hahahahahah! Mas5ara XD

  2. ANDREW948 says:

    hey ronnie… fuck off. 🙂

  3. SantinoFanSimo says:

    OMG jessica alba turns out to have 4 arms!!!

    Joking im not that stupid

  4. whatupchico says:

    it was but it he clipped off the audio from movies/interviews etc. and edited it to make it sound as though he was having a conversation with her

  5. IceQueenHeiress2012 says:

    ur a moron.

  6. ChrisBrownFanatic101 says:

    lmao!!! jessica doesnt even sound as close to the voice that was speaking as her!! :p lmao

  7. mizzery2u says:

    no………. of course not

  8. mizzery2u says:


  9. marchetohack says:

    stupid she’s not like this…

  10. whatupchico says:

    it was jessica but the audio was in a movie called come baby come

  11. britneyview says:

    is tis real?

  12. 19.F here

    i miss u!!! msg me on M.S.N. kx

  13. FutureDirector19 says:

    OMG i couldn’t stop laughing

  14. kittyw0man says:


  15. ROYALTYTHUG23 says:

    it was jessica but the audio was in a movie called come baby come

  16. shereefnumber1 says:

    awesome cousin really annoying but it might work one day keep on trying haha

  17. Alexa21689 says:

    Hez not a gypsy
    .hez egyptian, gypsies r mostly armenians

  18. i think that was not jessica

  19. That gypsy guy is so funny!!

  20. LOL

  21. kungfucolin says:

    That was a really great vid 🙂

  22. he’s not Russian lol

  23. MaxineBates says:

    Do Scarlet Johansen next! haha I especially like the video editing, good job on the voice Daleena…….now fuck off!

  24. Hardcorebetty says:

    Jessica sounds really into you. You should try asking her out again

  25. szooereo says:

    Wow, what a girl, let me get her phone number..haha. Cool sketch!

  26. GreenS7oneGames says:

    Parents removed by S.O.P.A.

  27. PrincetonProduction says:

    i really like this baby thing

  28. CasaDeCucaracha says:

    Your comment was fun to read. lol Not going to promise we’ll tone it down, but do appreciate you watching our videos! Maybe we’ll have a PG one for you soon. lol

  29. tAiKaMiEs22 says:

    🙁 your new videos are now like… SEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEXBOOBSBOOBSBOOBSBOBSBOOBSTITSTITSTITSTITSTITSVAGINAVAGINAVAGINAVAGINA 🙁 (your vids are still good but to much.. u know!!) please.. make one new video what is like your old videos :)) and i subscriced you BECAUSE YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. CasaDeCucaracha says:

    lol thanks for watching!

  31. Laxplayea27 says:

    “this is fuckin awesome.”

  32. CasaDeCucaracha says:

    ha awesome thanks!

  33. AbScLaW1GT says:

    Damn, am so becoming your fan everyday!!

  34. CasaDeCucaracha says:

    thanks man!

  35. CasaDeCucaracha says:

    straight doin’ your mom! lol

  36. CasaDeCucaracha says:

    can never forget you either yessenia!

  37. CasaDeCucaracha says:

    @RAND0M4Y0U lol cool to see the baby has fans. a lot of people asking about adult Meanie

  38. CasaDeCucaracha says:

    well Meanie has lol

  39. CasaDeCucaracha says:


  40. CasaDeCucaracha says:


  41. CasaDeCucaracha says:

    lol all in the detail, man! thanks as always dude!

  42. thechico1979 says:

    doing jessica alba on a yacht singing, doing your mom.

  43. rabidsmurf2 says:

    let me clarify. i hit up minx and that fitness chick said to swing by check you out.. I didn’t contact a bunch of she-males to come by your house and show you their love. Was trying to hit on the lesbian porn subject lacking something..but its just me. that lesbians are missing. why their lesbians. cause they miss me.

  44. yessenia12 says:

    He’s one of those people who’ll forget you, lol… It’s okay, I wouldn’t forget you 😀

  45. ace77man says:

    You guys have totally changed, LOL
    Peace, ace77man

  46. Is baby meanir gonna become officer meanie again
    I prefer him

  47. UCDBICDBOU812 says:

    HAHAHA! U so Craaaaazy! (^-^)

  48. MarkoTheSmoreni says:

    “…crawl down street…” hahahahahah
    It’s the little details that make your videos AWESOME!!!!!

  49. drumrintheline says:


  50. CasaDeCucaracha says:


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