Apr 21, 2012

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Jessica Alba’s New Baby: the Honest Company

Jessica Alba’s New Baby: the Honest Company

Actress Jessica Alba has designed an e-commerce business at Truthful.com (named following her three-year old-daughter Honor) to sell eco-friendly and toxic cost-free family merchandise for a monthly subscription. (Jan. 17)
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  1. jenniferashley99 says:

    aw shut up brown nose.

  2. wow, I’m not a fan of Jessica or her husband, but as a mother myself, that’s cold to bring the kids into a negative comment, whether you think her husband is ugly or not.

  3. flavermaster5000 says:

    Yes. 😀

  4. alanbobbichan says:

    The Honest Company: IN YOUR FACE JOHNSON & JOHNSON.

  5. humanswin says:

    Another celeb who has no clue.I saw the products TWICE as much as non eco products.Must nice to be filthy rich but normal people will not buy it—failure awaits

  6. TheWhiterose1603 says:

    Why is it that as soon as a celebrity gets pregnant or as children their become and expert and think it is they right to preach to other how to bring up children. She as the money to afford good, healthy things for her kids. She just as to look pretty & read lines not work 3 jobs just to put food on the table or try to make payments. In these times people go for cheaper options instead of the so eco friendly ones. Bono wife clothing lines where jeans cost $150 who can afford them.

  7. deckardplisken says:

    Hah Hah Hah. You must think you are a jokester don’t ya? What a stupid comment. What are you creating??? Stupidity?

  8. jenniferashley99 says:

    her husband got caught cheating on her right before they had the kids…and that dude is ugly-could explain their children’s looks.

  9. exacerbatedtaboo says:

    Damn Jessica Alba is fucking hot.

  10. ocelotecpatl says:

    That’s my baby.

  11. ImaRageQuitter says:

    Fuck that ugly

  12. flavermaster5000 says:

    something tells me that she cares more about selling her brand than caring for the environment. money is green right?

  13. 60SecondsOrLess says:

    First the internet controls now I can’t even eat toxic food. What’s this world coming to ???

  14. Paradox869 says:

    finally some real news

  15. tonyvac25 says:

    You look related to me … :o) you remind me of one of my cousins

  16. tonyvac25 says:

    I always did like you

  17. Definitely a 9.7 on the MILF-o-meter

  18. first…

  19. 2012GreenGhost420 says:

    shut up and get naked

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