Apr 21, 2012

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Jessica Alba’s no-frills wedding

Jessica Alba’s no-frills wedding

Actress Jessica Alba, who is pregnant with her first kid has married lengthy time boyfriend Cash Warren.

Becoming a happily married mum has shifted Jessica Alba’s plans for global domination. Paul Byrne talks to the actress for www.films.ie In Hollywood, it’s typically accepted that, when a female star is getting difficulty with her profession, it is time to go away and have a child. There’s absolutely nothing much more the general public love that seeing a caring, sharing mother doting more than their tiny bundle of joy. Whatever doubts could have wormed their way into Joe and Joanna Sixpack’s thoughts about stated star should, most likely, vanish in a puff of baby talcum powder and a complete photospread in OK! magazine. And the star gets an additional shot at becoming box-workplace once once again. Doesn’t always perform, of course. Appear at Halle Berry. Jennifer Lopez. Sharon Stone. And so numerous, numerous other brave females who turned to mother nature, seeking for a little profession assist, only to come across themselves left holding the baby. Actually. In the case of Jessica Alba though, you get the impression that her mother’s adore is genuine. Even if her profession was a little shakey when she went into the delivery room. Getting first come to our focus ten years ago in the rather fine sci-fi action series Dark Angel – the only Television project produced by the mighty James Cameron – Alba struggled by way of some fairly poor movies prior to hitting the no.1 spot as Susan Storm in 2005’s Great Four. The young Californian hit the leading spot as soon as once again with the comic book heroes’ second large-screen outing in 2007. The reality that each films sucked didn’t appear to

  1. good thing they have a daughter then

  2. ihugbebo says:

    but her child gets to suck her..lol

  3. anneloveanimals says:

    She’s amazing!
    fantastic four.

  4. Go masturbate Maan!!! i just Love her

  5. ritzadee says:

    thats a dumb question obviously jessica

  6. blammo7100 says:

    Very damn good question…..i was just pondering that myself when i stumbled across your comment. Ever since i saw Alba is Sin City, i’ve been smitten with her….but to me Cheryl is her only rival. Both of them seem quite sweet too.


    who is hotter?jessica alba or cherly cole?

  8. maclaren888 says:

    fuckkk…what a lucky man one earth…who ever marry jessica alba..she is super sweet…

  9. fanboyismsucks says:

    id hate to be her child, just cause you’d want to fuck your mom

  10. te iubesc fa jesico

  11. lachlanSB says:

    God damn, and i was going to save myself to her.


    Yeah, her husbands a lucky ass. :

  13. Ashleighblu82 says:

    lol yah i guess she is huh?
    but i think now tht she is married she isnt much of a slut


    Ok, what you said was true. I think that shes a tiny slut XD. But yeah she is hot :D.

  15. Ashleighblu82 says:

    so is hmm ok bad example bc britney spears IS a slut
    but miley cyrus
    i even danced on a pole once in circles
    bc i thought itd be fun and guess what
    it was :))
    come on she is not a slut man she’s just not


    Shes hot, I’ll give you that, but I think Dancing on a pole with stripper clothe, is what I call a slut.

  17. Ashleighblu82 says:

    that doesnt mean she’s a slut.
    that just means she knows how to have fun
    try it sometime


    Then you must be blind. Also use better spelling and grammar. If you want proof then search up “Jessica Alba” and it will be the one that says something like “Jessica Alba Sincity dance”. She pole-dances.

  19. Ashleighblu82 says:


    wow ur so wrong


    Shes actually a slut. Not kidding.

  21. TheHalfCraft says:

    Fucken husband so fucken lucky I wish I aged quicker so I would have a chance to date her

  22. dvdpos123 says:

    jessica is the most beautiful women in the world.

  23. Allure810 says:

    I have seen her live and she is just beautiful inside and out.

  24. cheerdancegirl12 says:


  25. mdryden02 says:

    No. Her husband is not hispanic.

  26. wtf is she wearin to be so famous they wear ugly shit i really dont get it i mean you got money buy somethin descent.

  27. hibbydude23 says:

    the hottest woman on the planet is exactly right

  28. NothingOriginal55 says:

    Maybe I’m wierd but I actually liked The Eye and Awake (hated Fantastic Four) and loved her in Sin City.

  29. s00059503 says:

    She’s wearing bubble wrap.

  30. kylejdolan7 says:

    shes gorgeous

  31. NiamhByrne64264 says:

    shes so pretty

  32. Jennypsp says:

    Rock n’ Roll! Lovely!

  33. coolnicesexychick says:

    second 😀

  34. FreeGadgetsConsoles says:


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