Apr 21, 2012

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Jessica Alba’s The Eye Trailer

Jessica Alba’s The Eye Trailer

See the new trailer for Jessica Alba’s film The Eye, and a lot more, more than at TunaFlix.com.
Video Rating: four / 5

  1. thejoyfulbanana says:

    You need to watch the movie she was not blind until age 5 

  2. HopeFaith161 says:

    1:53 that must hurt like a bitch, eeeee fuck, just thinking about it makes me shiver and wish i never watched that part.

  3. Lamierify says:

    i really like this version but the original from hong kong was one of the best movies, not just horror, i’ve ever seen.

  4. MrMushroom98 says:

    the original version is much better

  5. narutoakatsukigirl says:

    anyone know what song there using? Lover i dont have to love-bright eyes?

  6. Superbabiescan says:

    She became blind when she was younger! So she has seen before :p

  7. krosbone says:

    What’s the song at 1:36? Or is it from the soundtrack?

  8. Smokezn123 says:

    Its expected from american horror for something to jump out when there’s fog and a short silence….

  9. meredith69555 says:

    a friend of mine has seen this and says that is one of the best horror films!

  10. anikid0392 says:

    This is the only horror movie with a good ending.

  11. MsFreakActress says:

    Lionsgate 😀 !!!

  12. haleyteddy03 says:

    This movie is okay but you’re not missing out on anything if you don’t see it.

  13. WRONG !!! Since she was 5 she didn’t ssaw anything ! .She knows wath blurry is ! Watch the film first, before coment ! Thumps up if you see the film ! ( Sorry for my bad english)

  14. ilirjannah says:

    Really scary movie with a great ending (Y)

  15. ilirjannah says:

    she lost her sight at the age of 5 that’s what she says in the beggining

  16. Zarnix112 says:

    It’s passed 2 mins after i saw the end and my heart is still beating fast, but i didn’t jumped 😀

  17. Lexi12339 says:

    This movie is Madddddddd

  18. BookWormGirl8 says:

    Seems like a good movie although where in the world did she get those darned eyes from? ;D

  19. destinypeaceout says:

    because see could see once she went blind when she was six playing with fire-works.

  20. i like the asian version better

  21. MaDdIeMaYqUiCk1234 says:

    wanna see this movie soo bad

  22. disintegratorrising says:

    man you want to kill me last part scar me so baad

  23. zeeshi00786 says:

    fucin hell the endin made me jump is it only me 😀

  24. negarALeeeaah says:

    she could see before.
    she lost her sight at the age of 5.

  25. blerh. all horror movies look the same now. It would be nice if they still affected me so that I can enjoy them

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