Apr 21, 2012

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Making Meatballs with Jessica Alba

Making Meatballs with Jessica Alba

Martha shows Jessica Alba a clever trick for creating perfectly uniform meatballs. Go to www.MarthaStewart.com for more from “The Martha Stewart Show.”
Video Rating: 4 / five

The O’Reilly Element. (1-19-09).
Video Rating: 4 / five

  1. BboyAdflicto says:

    No we don’t.

  2. 02EmoLove says:


  3. first and last to get laid ! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  4. doubleg137 says:

    no.. you use olive oil on your hands.. geez what idiots.

  5. callampero says:

    now i know how a meatball fells…

  6. cooker1100 says:


  7. MrEestimaa says:

    we all would:D.

  8. SmexyBastard says:

    Why the fuck did that interview want an example? He was purposely corning Alba. O’Reilly is an asshole because he’s narcissistic and rude. But if she replied that, then the interviewer would ask “Can you give us an example of when he’s being narcissistic and rude?” Then she would reply all the time (because he is) yet the interviewer would insist on a specific example. Good on her for bailing out of that long and arduous conversation.

  9. The guy’s an idiot

  10. chavoloco91 says:

    the majourity of americans voted for george bush twice…..that means that “the majourity” of the american public is dumb as fuck, TWICE !

  11. huntercalgary says:


  12. GetEasyMoneyCash says:

    …trollololoooolllloool trollololoooo..?

  13. squamish4244 says:

    Bill secretly wants to massage Jessica Alba with a a falafel.

  14. yeah… you’re right… I would call these two though “talking heads”…

  15. RadarKat73080 says:

    Not worth Bill O’Reilly’s time? I call folks like O’Reilly “talking heads” but I should move them three feet lower! 

  16. she’s not worth it

  17. skuterixas91 says:

    She’s beautiful i’ll give you that but does that make her intelligent ? Jamie Foxx for the win !!!

  18. Chordiegurl says:


  19. SmokinTreezz says:

    why do people post such poor quality vids in the 21st century?

  20. LousySob says:

    Oh no he did-int.

  21. RedStarBelgradefan says:

    ahaha bill is retarded

  22. NewDay923 says:

    Jessica Alba is random hollywood bimbo while Bill O’Reilly is one of the most respected and feared news personalities in all over America. God bless you, Bill!

  23. Brandontroll says:

    0:52 “George Bush is not dumb. ‘Cus uh, we voted for George Bush twice. So, what does that make us?”
    It makes you dumb. Derp.

  24. Rest in peace bill

  25. KneeOJustice says:

    I love how they say “we voted for Bush twice, what does that make us?”

    1) Speak for yourself
    2) Al Gore got majority votes
    3) Where is that argument when Faux is criticizing Obama? I’d like to see someone say “Well, we voted for Obama so what does that make us?” Of course that will never happen on the no spin zone, because that would be fair.

  26. RadarKat73080 says:

    “Jessica Alba vs Bill O’Reilly?” He didn’t have the balls to talk with her personally, he never does!

  27. alwaysopen says:

    I would fuck her and spew into your face.

  28. ProductionMarx says:

    Jamie Foxx can’t bash Fox because he sold his soul to them for a TV show in the 90s…

  29. MrDeadsea000 says:

    Aww, Jessi hurt billy’s widdle feewings… Grow the fuck up Bill

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