Apr 21, 2012

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Michael and Jessica – Baby Names From 1954-1998

Michael and Jessica – Baby Names From 1954-1998

In the era 1954-1998 the most popular child name for boys was Michael and for baby girls it was Jessica. The baby name Michael was also used as a girl’s name at instances, Michael then was pronounced Mye-kal. Michael is Biblical in origin and was utilized to mean “who resembles God”. The name referred to the archangel who defeated the dragon. Numerous kings and saints have been given the name and there are numerous variations of the name over the centuries. The name Michael extremely popular 1954-1998 has noticed many renowned folks.

The name has a assortment of short cuts like Mikey, Mikel, Miquel, Mike, or Mick. Well-known people like Mickey Mantle, Mickey Rooney, Michael Caine, Michael J. Fox, Michel Chiklis, Michael Gambon, Mike Myers, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger and even a very well-known cartoon character Mickey Mouse created by Walt Disney have all added to the fame of the name Michael.

The girl’s name Jessica pronounced JESS-a-kah is also of Hebrew origin. The name means “He sees” and was coined by Shakespeare from the Old Testament Iscah place in the story The Merchant of Venice for Shylock’s daughter, a young Jewish woman who elopes with Lorenzo and converts to Christianity. The name dates extremely far back in the history of the globe but it is popular nowadays with several nicely know personalities such as singer Jessica Simpson, actresses Jessica Lange, Jessica Tandy, Jessica Alba, Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Jessica Parker. The name quite popular in between the years 1954-1998 nevertheless holds its own these days with numerous babies becoming named Jessica whose star will shine.

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