Apr 21, 2012

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Movie Review – Good Luck Chuck

Dave Chappelle used to be the poster-kid for stand up comic success in America. Nonetheless, since the spotlight has faded on one of the funniest comics in recent memory, one more stand up is attempting to take the world by storm. His name is Dane Cook.

If you have not heard of Cook yet, you possibly will in the next year as much more of his films are released, which includes “Dan in Actual Life,” where he plays Steve Carrell’s brother, and subsequent year’s Dr. Seuss animated adaptation of “Horton Hears a Who!” But Cook has really taken the college marketplace by storm with his stand up comedy tour/HBO series “Dane Cook’s Tourgasm,” as effectively as his productive comedy CDs.

His most up-to-date film is the comedy “Great Luck Chuck,” co-starring Jessica Alba. Cook plays Charlie Logan, a dentist with a curse. The curse? Sleep with Charlie once and the next individual that you meet will be your true really like. Charlie embraces this “burden,” until he meets Cam, a clumsy but lovable woman who runs the local Penguin habitat. Charlie and Cam fall for each other, but Charlie soon realizes that if he sleeps with Cam, the curse will drive her into the arms of her true love. So, what is Charlie to do? He turns to his buddy, Stu, a disgusting plastic surgeon played by “Balls of Fury” star, Dan Fogler, for guidance, which only makes factors worse.

“Great Luck Chuck” begins out promising, but, unfortunately, falls flat throughout the second half of the film. Charlie goes from being a cool, smooth operator, to a bumbling idiot in 24 hours, and tends to make some genuinely poor selections that appear out of character for him. The film also relies heavily on crude adult humor which is truly unnecessary. Many films nowadays are sinking to new lows with the “filth aspect” by targeting the 15-30 demographic. What could have been a good date film for couples of all ages, crosses the line and will likely preserve the 40 plus crowd away. These people are not genuinely Dane Cook’s audience, I suppose, but I shudder at the believed of high school children seeing this film.

Overall, “Excellent Luck Chuck” has some excellent laughs for adults, but the sexual content material may possibly be too much for some viewers and the story runs out of gas past the halfway point.

“Excellent Luck Chuck” gets a “Wait for the DVD” assessment from me.

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