Apr 21, 2012

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Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World (2011) HD Movie Trailer 3 – Jessica Alba

Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World (2011) HD Movie Trailer 3 – Jessica Alba

A mother returns to her old profession — she’s a retired spy — in order to prevent a villain bent on stopping time. Spy Youngsters: All the Time in the Planet (also identified as Spy Children four) is an upcoming American action-adventure and mystery household film directed by Robert Rodriguez and the fourth film in the Spy Kids series, following Spy Youngsters 3-D: Game Over. It is currently set to be released on August 19, 2011. Filming started on October 27, 2010. It’ll be the very first movie that uses the feature Aromascope, a technology that makes it possible for individuals to smell odors and aromas from the film. The film revolves about twins Rebecca and Cecil who can not get along with their stepmother, Marissa Cortez Wilson (Jessica Alba), who married their father, Wilbur Wilson (Joel McHale), a spy-hunting reporter. Unknown to the twins, Marissa is a retired spy for the OSS (Organization of Super Spies, but in the Spy Children Adventures novel series, the agency is known as the Workplace of Strategic Services) which has considering that grow to be the world’s top rated spy agency and former headquarters of the now-defunct Spy Youngsters division. So when Earth is threatened by a villain known as “The Timekeeper” (Jeremy Piven), she is called back into action by the leader of the OSS. With the end of the globe approaching, both Rebecca and Cecil find that they have no selection but to take component in the warfare, aid Marissa, and put their anger against her aside in order to save innocent folks. They will also get some help from former Spy Youngsters Carmen
Video Rating: three / five

  1. Nick Aldack says:

    If you can’t make a movie goo make it 3d.. Classic. Now imagine how horrible the movie must be to make it 4d…:)

  2. cliftongirl1022 says:

    Spy Kids- Amazing
    Spy Kids 2- Amazing
    Spy Kids 3- Amazing
    Spy Kids 4- What the fuck did I just watch?

  3. cliftongirl1022 says:

    This was disappointing.

  4. javixito248 says:

    como es 4d

  5. terastarship2 says:

    US makes 4d becos they love 3 but name it 3d game over so they are real piss off about it. haha

  6. thanakon surit says:


  7. SuperSupamike says:

    I loved this movie so much, but my family hated it. Don’t know why; Hammer Hands rule!

  8. TheDominatorCFC says:

    The film is not as bad as everyone says. Spy kids 4 is twice as good as spy kids 3

  9. CHYNO1980 says:

    i looooooooooooooove this Movie

  10. thephilippinepride says:

    I don’t understand why some people hate this movie. But I actually love it.

  11. Raindogs2342 says:

    another childhood series ruined

  12. Ediwen1231 says:

    aroma scope?the hell?
    so we need to smell the card by our self?
    what knid of stupid idea is that

  13. whitewing771 says:

    there’s this really good word to describe this movie;
    damn what was it?
    oh yeah:

  14. xxBIGGESTamyrosefanx says:

    yeah the first and third were really good movies! The 4th is the only one I had a problem with…

  15. xxBIGGESTamyrosefanx says:

    Spy Kids 2 was the best!

  16. xxBIGGESTamyrosefanx says:


  17. SaintsOps123 says:

    All i can say to u all ppl so nice and kind…

  18. pleasecallmedoctor says:

    that is so bad i think i am going to hurl.

  19. agyemangclinton says:

    this video is great

  20. i tell you…either jessica is desperate for work or she got offered a shit load of money to be a part of this crappy movie.
    either way, she’s made it extremely hard for herself to be taken seriously

  21. BethArnoldMusic says:

    Personally, I don’t know why everyone’s saying this film is so crap. I loved it! I mean, yeah, it’ll never be the same as the classic Spy Kids movies with Carmen & Juni as the main protagonists, but it’s still a good film.

  22. GeraldyXD says:

    watching this movie right now and all i wanna do is just kill myself god this movie is fucking terrible!

  23. Shin27ecstasy says:

    Jeff Winger, you should be in class.

  24. superromanvideos18 says:

    i would rather kill a person, no im totally serious about that, i would rather murder someone than watch this movie.

  25. superromanvideos18 says:

    omfg!!! this is the worst movie of all time!!! this destroyed Jessica albas career and her good looks!! she is done! no one should ever see this movie !!! nobody !!! the worst thing about this movie is the kids and baby, wtf!!!! i hate spy kids!!! i hate this freaking movie!!

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