Apr 30, 2012

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Tyra Banks – Jessica Alba

Tyra Banks – Jessica Alba

Tyra spends the hour with actress and mother-to-be Jessica Alba. Jessica talks about her newest thriller, The Eye, her charity, Step Up and how life will alter when she becomes a mom. Then, with the assist of Momlogic.com, Grand Avenue Baby and Bel Bambini, Tyra surprises Jessica with her 1st child shower. Tyra also speaks with Jessicas co-star, Alessandro Nivola, about his knowledge filming the anticipated movie. Please subscribe♥

  1. tropical716 says:

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  2. i thought i heard alone

  3. Reddsmorris1 says:

    Tyra is the best.

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  6. GuyBayArea1 says:

    jessica looks cute and sexy here

  7. babyboosabz says:

    LOL, at 2:00 tyra gives jessica a dirty look

  8. babyboosabz says:

    LOL I think tyra feels threatened by Jessica…do I smell jealousy?

  9. theuser69696969 says:

    alba is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 11NewKidd says:

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  11. valkor73 says:

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  19. HimeBerrii says:

    bitch i’m actually black before you start talking shit.

    Jessica’s mother is a white woman. she has every right to dye her hair blonde. Also, there are a ton of WHITE Mexicans. read your fucking history if you don’t know what the hell a Spaniard is.

  20. FrozenPetrolPie says:

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  21. HimeBerrii says:

    actually shes more white then hispanic if you wanna act like shes hiding her latina side.

  22. DaniBongar says:

    Lol yah she does that a lot.

  23. SuperDuarte1986 says:

    the most pretty womans alive !!

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