Apr 21, 2012

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Understanding Men: Are You Our Best Friend?

This is an intriguing subject that truly inspired me immediately after a saw a movie in early 2010. The movie was called “Valentine’s Day” and had an all-star list of actors and actresses: Ashton Kutcher and Jessica Alba were each in it. If you happen to be interested in acquiring better at understanding males, you may well want to watch this film and simply absorb the story, even though romantic comedies might not usually be your cup of tea.

1. The Story…

So basically to try and cut the long story brief, at the begin of the movie, the character that Kutcher plays proposes to his girlfriend, played by Jessica Alba. Later in the film, Alba gives the ring back to him, apologizing and leaving him.

Kutcher is talking to a function colleague later about what happened and asks his operate colleague, “how do you have it so good?” with reference to him and his wife. His answer: “easy, I married my best buddy”. I initially discovered this funny, since I immediately pictured my ideal male buddy, but the more I believed about it, the much more sense it created to me.

two. Ideal Female Friend

It may seem weird, but if two folks get along as close friends prior to they turn out to be lovers, they usually have a stronger bond. If enjoy is the only factor keeping them with each other, you can usually feel like your relationship lacks substance.

That’s why it is important to genuinely get to know your partner well and to see both their great and negative sides, to know what they’re into and for them to know what you happen to be into and to have that mutual respect even prior to anything happens.

three. Close friends vs. Lovers

There are also a number of rewards that help the argument that being buddies with your partner is far better than being purely their lover. If they are your buddy, there is much less on the line compared to becoming a lover. You aren’t as afraid to be more honest to them, which means that communication is better.

It is also much more enjoyable. Your buddy is someone who you can have fun without having having to take your clothes off. You merely get pleasure from their company. If you’re a lover, the impression is that fun comes predominantly in its “carnal” form.

Realizing that you have to actually be your man’s buddy ahead of you become his lover is a not frequently talked about aspect of understanding men. If you’re currently together with him, it doesn’t mean that it is too late to be his buddy. There has to be something there that you can share, you just have to find it.

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