May 16, 2012

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adoboLIVE! Jennifer Hu, Ogilvy & Mather Taipei ECD, on little facts about her furry friends

adoboLIVE! Jennifer Hu, Ogilvy & Mather Taipei ECD, on little facts about her furry friends

adoboLIVE! Jennifer Hu, Ogilvy & Mather Taipei ECD, on small identified facts about her feathered and furry friends
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Did you miss me my child dic’s?
Video Rating: four / 5

  1. carlosjxjxdelatorre says:

    good morning my fellow youtubers

  2. joshterry22 says:

    That stack is biger than my dick lmao

  3. maskedcockman says:

    hey baby d’s,whats the movie where the wasps or bees kill the woman in the shower scene,i think it was out in the 80s or 70s>?????/

  4. rickyshore says:

    hey man, don’t worry about your channel getting cancelled. we show a lot of gore scenes and none of our videos have been removed. the easiest way to get your channel removed is to talk shit to people. you’re right about the chemistry in splinter. i wasn’t so into but i have it for some reason. house is so silly, man. i can’t hang with it, but i can appreciate it hehe – aw, you left the eye in limbo with a 3. oh, fuck yeah. neon maniacs. one of my all time favorites. excellent video.

  5. djboy3275 says:

    8 what up, I rented a movie that I thought was going to be crap, but I was pleasantly surprised. The movie is called End of the Line. It is gory and brutal, I think you would love it. I have a trailer on my channel for this movie listed under favorites. Check it out.

  6. JlockTheVideoNasty says:

    Your vids are dope bro,don’t let some soft bitches ruin your style.Keep doing whut your doing,shits funny as fuck.You got a new suscriber for sure

  7. ASCowns says:

    How come you didn’t do predictions on ufc 101? No instead you did a movie review! I love the videos but you need to get it together with the ufc predictions!

  8. djboy3275 says:

    8 I am sure you have seen all these movies, but I want to leave some of my unknown gems and guilty pleasures. Let me know what you think. Trailer park of terror, dead alive, Donkey punch, One Eyed Monster ( yes it is what you think lol), 100 Tears, Gutterballs, high tension, cottage, storm warning, Big Bad Wolf, domain of the Damned, End of the line ( crazy ass flick recommended). Just a small list. Holla at me.

  9. Eigh8Thechosenone says:

    LOL! and thats why it’s always great to hear from you! I must say it just bothered me the way the email came off at 1st untill I broke it down. Im supriseed I did’nt get another 1 after this video lol

  10. Eigh8Thechosenone says:

    sorry about that lol!

  11. Absolutsublime1 says:

    The pick of the week looks interesting gotta check that one out, Ive been wanting to see Splinter too, good stuff!

  12. mrparka says:

    I was thinking about getting Splinter.
    but the trailer looked a bit boring for 15 bucks lol, so i passed.
    House 2 alot of cheesy fun. Superbad with some monsters standing in the
    corner LMAO. BC = awesome, Saxon = the man. Fight for your Life = awesome. Do you have Bloodletting or Skinned Alive.
    for Low budget stuff. NeonMs is fucking amazing lol thats a favorite of mine.
    cheesy fun. The VHS cover is really awesome. Great Vid as always. “haha, i just fell”

  13. od666666 says:

    Im gonna get my name on that wall goddamnit! ha. Last House in the Woods!! You will see man! (damn that didnt sound right)

  14. BLKvids says:

    if you have time check out “the butcher” its on amazon but its a couple items down its the horror one not the gay looking one above it

  15. Eigh8Thechosenone says:

    Yep! I got it though…and seen it. It was a great movie.

  16. Great video. I loved the House series when I was growing up that and ghoulies. If you haven’t seen Teeth yet check that one out funny as hell. Or if you like Re-Animator check out Stuart Gordon’s From Beyond

  17. ChasingProductions1 says:

    I havent not recommended anything to ya yet, but I do have worthy one here, maybe a pick of the week I dont know. ……Tenement Game of Survival…… directed by Roberta Findlay.. a wacked out exploitation flick about some crazed junkies terrorizing a apartment building in the Bronx, great flick dude

  18. ChasingProductions1 says:

    i always loved House 2, never saw the original . but that skull cowboy is badass, have not seen it in the a decade or so, damn ya buddy now I have to go to amazon and spend some money.

  19. jay190uk says:

    House 3 scared the shit out of me when i was a kid. The part where Max Jenke gets fried in the electric chair and says ‘All that did was give me a fuckin hardon’ made me laugh my fucking little balls off.

  20. quis666 says:

    Great pickups Eigh8t!
    And I know you’ve said no more recommendations but you just have to get “The Devil’s Chair” it’s an amazing horror film that doesn’t get enough props! Just get it I guarantee by the end of the movie you’re gonna freak out!
    awesome video Eigh8t!

  21. xdarkdaysx says:

    if this kids mom is reading this let me lick your pretty pink cunt. you want my juicy cock? let me lick your pretty pink cunt. let me lick it.

  22. Shagrat65 says:

    Deadbirds you should watch. Love that film man

  23. Have you ever seen the movie titled “The Fun House?” It was directed by Toby Hooper.

    Also, don’t ever water down your videos. If people don’t like it then they can unsubscribe.

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