May 27, 2012

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Celebrity Breasts – What Size Are They, and Who’s Had Plastic Surgery?

Celebrities and Breast Size – They are Not as Naturally Blessed as You May Feel

The obsession more than cosmetic perfection and, far more recently, breast size, has sparked a rash of Hollywood “upsizing” in the breast department. Who’s all-natural, what cup size are they, and who’s had breast surgery? The answers could or may possibly not be surprising. In other words, you may well be shocked at just how considerably a push up bra can deceive to the tune of 1,2 and even three cup sizes!

Celebrities – How they Influence What We Want in a Breast Size

What determines the size of a complete grown woman’s breasts? Is it mainly environmental or outside influences, or is it all “in the genes”? The final size of a woman’s mature breasts is largely determined by heredity and can range from really modest AA cups to really complete EE cups. Breast size varies significantly amongst girls, but the typical breast size is a B cup, and all sizes and shapes are normal and healthful, although they might not fit the conventional thought of breast beauty.

For some cause, almost certainly the growing popularity of breast augmentation surgery and the overwhelming number of female celebrities who are deemed sexy who have this breast size, the typical perception today is that the best size is a C cup. See some famous celebrity breast sizes below, and you’ll see these popular women are as diverse as the rest of us. Even though they might all appear like they have C cups in the films or in videos, you’ll see what they’ve actually got without the padding, underwire and inserts!

Celebrity Breast Sizes – Does Their Cup Actually Runneth Over?

Jennifer Lopez cup size: Modest B cup

Angelina Jolie boob size: C cup: Hate to break it to you, but these are almost certainly real. Yes, she is genetic perfection in the form of a waif thin physique and significant breasts, I’m afraid.

Britney Spears breast size: Modest C cup (when she’s not pregnant or is on the slimmer side)

Christina Aguilera: Pre Breast Implants: A cup&#13Post Breast Implants: Big C cup

Catherine Bell cup size: Large D cup: Not definitive that she has implants, but I suspect she was a fairly busty woman who also had implants, which is why this significant breast size looks so all-natural on her, and yet she doesn’t have a whole lot of sagging for such a big size.

Jessica Simpson bra size: Small D cup: Jessica Simpson is an additional celebrity that has been puzzled more than as to whether she has implants. Some “authorities” say yes, and some say she’s natural. I just want to know how she lost all that weight and didn’t shed a bit of breast size. Hmmm…

Jessica Alba bra size: Little B cup: Although Jessica Alba is one of these celebs that has worn many a push up bras and I suspect has also worn gel inserts to change cup size so drastically among films, you can tell she has a all-natural breast size of about a tiny B cup. She also has very small body fat, which accounts for her perfectly natural smaller size.

While many of us might not be pleased with the look of our breasts, it is great to know that they do come in all sizes and shapes, and we can truly improve their look – regardless of whether it be escalating their size, enhancing the shape and contour of the breast, or adding to the perkiness, firmness and perfect beauty of the female form, if we are not happy with our current breast size and look. There are lots of methods to do this. Massage, workout, supplementation and just an all around excellent diet plan are a couple of of the approaches.

It really is just good to know that some of the most lovely celebrities in the planet have either had a lot of support from a plastic surgeon in the breast department, or they are not as large as they are produced to appear on screen. It goes to show that the most crucial issue is that you are happy with oneself, and feeling stunning has significantly far more to do with confidence and other areas other than your breasts.

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