May 14, 2012

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Chat ROulette Prank

Chat ROulette Prank

Title says all
Video Rating: 5 / five what the buck show

  1. FROZENGUN1 says:

    lol bro that was funny

  2. ArMaGeDD0Nx says:

    i dont get this :/

  3. J3dhead says:

    @remit007 Thanks Alot I Got It From Audio Swap

  4. Remit007 says:

    love this tune 😀

  5. SaoMir1 says:

    jessica alba did a stare off contest with kevjumba its that video

  6. J3dhead says:

    thank u very much

  7. davis376 says:

    Them some hell off pranks, it’d be funny if more celebrities do that.

  8. shakejewell says:

    i need to find my MySpace password! help!

  9. mariakressmusicvideo says:

    you are darn right

  10. mariakressmusicvideo says:

    Michael Buckley SUCKS

  11. NellyA001 says:

    youre worse than worse

  12. Jesssdabest says:

    ahem… 45 seconds… lmao i totally agree though

  13. cakecones says:


  14. WestsideProductionz says:

    this is awesome

  15. punkslilncs says:

    trying to bite off his fame how lame is that get your own gimick

  16. SweetMagican666 says:

    What The Buck!? lol

  17. AhsayUni says:

    wasted 48 secs of my life…

  18. insanekid15 says:


  19. praji11111 says:

    ppl search on help us someone dere r dese kids hu r bein abused dey need help deyre mum took da phone away 4rm dem so dey cannot call childline pls can some1 help?!

  20. good,

  21. hahahahha


    ha! good job!

  23. hahahhaha

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