May 9, 2012

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Eli Manning on SNL & Jessica Alba in the Ring – BR5 – 4/16/12

Eli Manning on SNL & Jessica Alba in the Ring – BR5 – 4/16/12

BR5 is your a single-stop destination for sports and pop culture. It’s anything you ought to be speaking about and why. Stick to @Bleacher5 on Twitter: Adhere to @DesiSanchez on Twitter: Like BR5 on Facebook: Subscribe to BR5 on YouTube: Today’s Stories (04/16/2012): 1. Eli Manning on SNL (:14) two. Brian “The Beard” Wilson heading for the DL (:54) three. Jessica Alba’s connection to specialist wrestling (1:27) 4. Kelly Shoppach possessing difficulty with his slide (1:52) 5. Disruptive squirrel named the new St. Louis Cardinals unofficial mascot (2:16) ————————————– Links: A) Eli Manning B) Brian Wilson C) Jessica Alba D) Kelly Shoppach E) David Freese

  1. firerustdragon says:

    @Briansgate2017 Just because u can write essays on YouTube doesn’t make u right and ur obviously still bitter about the losses. Adhesive? Really??? Eli beat Rex grossman twice 2 years ago and lost twice last year so Eli is 2-2 vs Rex while 3-1 vs Brady. Kinda funny u would rather sell ur own teams defense short than just saying Eli is Elite. Brady hasn’t won shit since the spygate anyway

  2. alvinmack52 says:

    So patriots play in 5 superbowls since 2001 that all came down to the wire and could have gone either way, but the 2 most recent were lost because they weren’t “cheating” and the first 3 they won because they were?….and this all equates to Brady being no good?

  3. Briansgate2017 says:

    Using your logic, since Rex Grossman beat Eli twice last season, Grossman is better than Eli. And he didn’t need to wait until the 4th quarter to take control of these games. In the first game, Rex threw 2 TD’s to Eli’s 0. In the 2nd game, Rex threw 1 TD to Eli’s 0. So, is Grossman better than Eli? Did Grossman beat Eli or the Giants defense?

  4. Briansgate2017 says:

    You are a coward who doesn’t have the guts to say something like this to a man’s face.  Climb back into the dirt you came from, worm.

  5. Briansgate2017 says:

    It’s a cinch Eli won’t be on SNL next year with the New Jersey Giants tumbling to an 8-8 or worse record in the 2012-2013 NFL Season. The 9-7 Giants are the weakest excuse for a Super Bowl Champion in history. A 9-7 team should never even make the playoffs. They got healthy and got hot at the right time, so everyone acts like this is a great team. The Giants champions of the 1980’s were great, not this current mediocrity.

  6. Briansgate2017 says:

    Winning a Super Bowl the same year you declare yourself elite makes you elite? I don’t think you’ll find that in any dictionary. The Giants defense won both Super Bowls. You can also erase the 1st Giants Super Bowl victory because of the “Stick-um” on David Tyree’s helmet to catch the winning TD pass. A thrown football can’t stick to a helmet without adhesive. And check the career stats if you think Brady is overrated. You aren’t objective, just hateful. Enjoy your upcoming 8-8 season.

  7. Briansgate2017 says:

    Well, let’s see what Eli does this coming season. It will be interesting to watch his growth. If he’s so great, we should expect him to lead the Giants back to the playoffs. I expect the Giants will be no better than 8-8 and that Eli will continue on his career path of throwing at least one interception per game.

  8. Briansgate2017 says:

    First, you need to clean up your language and learn to make comments without vulgarity. If your point is valid, you don’t require this type of language in order to get it across. Try expanding your vocabulary. Open up a dictionary some time. Second, none of these things makes Eli “elite.” Eli wasn’t great in that Super Bowl 4 years ago, but he deserves a ton of credit for engineering the game-winning drives in both games. And by my count, Brady still has 3 rings to Eli’s 2 rings.

  9. 2David88 says:

    He did improve his picks this season and why he won the Superobowl. BTW pay attention to who the giants beat to win THIS Superbowl. All 1st place teams in the NFC. And not to mention the fact Eli and company took Brady 4 years ago and their “Perfection” and Eli basically put a condom on and fucked that in the ass and laughed afterwards. What exactly has Tom Brady done since the Patriots have been Caught cheating? ZILCH. Oh but he has a shitload of wins. NO RINGS!

  10. 2David88 says:

    Eli is elite cause he won a superbowl the same year he was questioned about being Elite. You know who’s NOT elite? Brady. You can erase on of his Superbowl rings because of cheating and notice the fact that he hasn’t won one since? Brady is a VHS Quarterback in a Blu Ray world. And VASTLY VASTLY overrated! ELI OWNS HIM and is ELITE. You guys who question it are just pissed off Patriots fans and Dallas Cowboys fans and Philadelphia Eagles fans, etc. etc. etc.

  11. firerustdragon says:

    @Briansgate2017 Eli didn’t have extra tape of other teams practices either

  12. firerustdragon says:

    @Briansgate2017 Brett favre threw picks for days and I’d say he’s elite

  13. Briansgate2017 says:

    Exactly my point! Eli might be on his way to elite, but he’s not there yet. Yes, it does require the entire body of work. An elite rookie is a player who played on an elite level for one season. Haven’t you seen seemingly great players flame out after a few years and not make the HOF? Eli’s 2 Super Bowl wins bring him close, but he’s got to improve on the picks and the won-loss record. I know that isn’t entirely in the QB’s hands, but it’s necessary for elite status.

  14. Briansgate2017 says:

    Amazing. I guess if I don’t say Eli is great, I’m trashing the guy. Labels like “superstar,” and “elite” are thrown around too easily. He’s good, period. On the way to elite, possibly, but not there yet. Tell me why he still throws so many picks? Oh, yeah, the deflections. Sure, that’s it. The guy is immaculate, I guess. Any suggestion he’s not elite, close to perfect, is an insult, right? Amazing how over-sensitive people are to this. There’s usually a good reason for that.

  15. firerustdragon says:

    @Briansgate2017 Giants and Panthers had the most injuries this season. Eli is clutch and doesn’t throw off passes to wide open WRs when all he has to do is kill the clock. Giants D? Yeah it’s great but Brady had Wilfork, Seymour, Harrison, film, Samuel, and Seau

  16. Briansgate2017 says:

    That is what I call a “career year.” And you conveniently forget his 16 INT’s. One per game. Eli averages 1.5 TD’s per game and 1 INT per game throughout his career. So, for every two games he plays, you can expect Eli to throw 3 TD’s and 2 INT’s. Does this sound “elite” to anyone? Why can’t everyone understand I think Eli is good, but he hasn’t risen to the elite level he thinks he’s in yet?

  17. Briansgate2017 says:

    True, Eli’s passing yards & TD’s are deflated due to the system. However, INT’s are INT’s. Eli has 185 TD’s & 129 INT’s in 121 career games. He should have far less picks than Brady, but Brady has thrown 300 TD’s and 115 INT’s in 161 career games. Averaging more than one INT. per game for a career is not elite. On a run-first team, Eli should have the best TD to INT ratio, if he’s an elite QB. Again, he’s good, but not elite. That word is thrown around too carelessly.

  18. Briansgate2017 says:

    N.E. had a ton of injuries on defense and still managed to go 13-3, not a paltry 9-7. Eli beat the weak Pats defense twice last season, not Tom Brady, who was beaten by the Giants “D.” The Giants “D” deserves most of the credit for those two wins. They held a high-scoring powerhouse to 20 & 17 points, while Eli put up close to the average points the Patriots allowed per game. Superlatives are being tossed around like hand grenades. The Giants “D” deserves them more than Eli does.

  19. Briansgate2017 says:

    I don’t understand why people misinterpret this. I do give Eli the credit he deserves. He’s the best playoff QB right now, but he’s not elite. Why must we exaggerate? 41 INT’s in 32 games speaks for itself. 185 TD’s & 129 INT’s in 121 career games speaks for itself. He had the ball 60% of the game & put up 21 points against a shoddy pass defense. Brady has 300 TD’s and 115 INT’s in 161 career games. Brees has 281 TD’s, 146 INT’s in 154 games. Rodgers 132 TD’s, 38 INT’s in 69 games.

  20. pegcage says:

    Eli outplayed Rogers in the playoffs. Not only that he went through 4 or 5 very good teams getting to and winning the Super Bowl. Give him the credit he deserves.

  21. pegcage says:

    Elite is what you BECOME, it is not your entire body of work. If it was your entire body of work, no rookie would ever become elite. Eli is an elite quarterback, NOW, and I do not believe that can be disputed.

  22. pegcage says:

    Eli will prove to be funny. He was very funny on Letterman after the Super Bowl.

  23. lawnpower0 says:

    Eli is boring and Desi is HOT!!

  24. firerustdragon says:

    @Briansgate2017 Eli was in a run first team that couldn’t rush as well as usual so Eli took over. While Brady Rodgers ,and Brees on a pass first offense that makes then look great ( which they are). Eli will get better no that the giants are turning into a passing team. Eli can only get better now with a offense that built around him. For most of Eli career he was left with a team that was made for Tiki Barber.

  25. Matt Mandel says:

    SNL May 5th coming up!!!!!!

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