May 9, 2012

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Face The Facts Brunettes Will Always Be Better!

Face The Facts Brunettes Will Always Be Better!

Beautiful brunettes!
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This is a parody of KevJumba’s videos. Hello, I am KevJumba’s fan. I like you. KevJumba: —— Other video credits: I am Not KevJumba (woahitsandrew) Jumbafield (bolives) KevJumba The Subsequent Big Music Artist Jonas brothers Jay Chou Justin Timberlake NSYNC Britney Spears Jessica Simpson Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana
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  1. glassgyrl says:

    nie wiem, wg mnie piękna kobieta to piękna kobieta, powinna miec w sobie urok, a kolor włosów jest drugorzędny 😉

  2. TheConversenation says:

    thats right! they are the best 🙂

  3. Iceydevestaion says:


  4. Iceydevestaion says:

    You wish u could be president

  5. Iceydevestaion says:


  6. Iceydevestaion says:

    Ur soooooooooo cute!!! You sound so hot

  7. MrTreysongz007 says:

    his cuzin is kumar

  8. liamthewhite says:

    Great video once again.
    By the way
    if youre

    CHECK out my channel please i’d really appreciate it

    subscribe even if you like me or troll if you hate me

  9. Chrischutube says:


  10. chloeflynn11 says:

    haha! this is soo funny!

  11. Jksah363 says:

    This vid was loaded on My Birthday

  12. JTT4everlover says:


  13. smoosun says:


  14. triplehfan13071 says:

    why do you have a camera?

    um…cause i’m kevjuma


  15. YellowBoyHere says:

    all your vid about Kevjumba

  16. nicoledada0909 says:

    yeah..i wish Kevjumba gets a movie..he’s just so him a lot!

  17. KebinKunWa says:


    why do you have a camera?

    uh.. cause im kevjumba

  18. ssshmenot says:

    davedays with kevjumba! that awesome!!

  19. fabienneyouknow says:

    Nice. =)

  20. v12345c says:

    appreciate your comment!

  21. neptunerav says:


  22. v12345c says:

    thanks for your comment!

  23. 2Shadow6 says:

    lol i liked it and the jumbafield thing was perfect

  24. v12345c says:

    lol. it’s not really from her. it’s a parody of “emilyy” in Kev’s video “college here i come”:)

  25. itsmehcheez says:

    that email was rlly from pariis/?

  26. v12345c says:

    thanks, ROXANNEE123!

  27. ROXANNEE123 says:

    Haha that was prettyyy clever :]

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