May 11, 2012

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Head to Cinemax For the Best Hollywood Hits

Searching for great Hollywood hits in HD? Effectively, look no a lot more, with Cinemax, you get the very best satellite tv programming that income can acquire. This film channel has got all the box office smashes and much more. You are going to uncover action films, dramas, thrillers, sci-fi fantasy autos, scary, heart pounding horror movies, sports dramas and significantly, a lot far more.

The Channel lineup contains three totally equipped film channels passing far more than 1,600 diverse titles each year. Two of those channels are in HD too. You get a new movie every and every single night of the year.

Cinemax (East)/ Cinemax East HD: On this channel you will discover a huge selection of various motion pictures spanning the gamut of genres. Right here are some of the most up-to-date films on supply:

Speed Racer: This is the reside action and updated version of the classic 1960’s animated series of the very same name. Speed Racer was produced by the Wachowski brothers, the exact same brains behind the Matrix and you can rest assured that the action shots are dazzling. The cinematography is vivid and electrifying, heightened by its high definition detail. The film tells the tale of the young Speed Racer, played by Emile Hirsch, who is obsessed with sports automobiles and racing. He have to battle a race car tycoon who may possibly have been the culprit behind the untimely death of Speed Racer’s brother.

Mr. Woodcock: This is a slick comedy starring Billy Bob Thornton, Susan Sarandon and Seann William Scott. In the flick, Scott plays John Farley, a best selling self aid author who rose to the leading by writing about letting go of his unhappy childhood. Thornton plays the hellish PE coach who’s about to marry Farley’s mother. As you can imagine, all sorts of difficulty ensues.

10,000 BC: Here’s a amazing epic set in the prehistoric world of 10,000 years ago, aka the Mesolithic age. Of course, there are dangers each and every which way you turn, from sabre tooth tigers to marauding hunters. The visuals, especially in HD, are beautiful.

Wonderful Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer: The beautiful Jessica Alba stars in this comic book film about a group of four super heroes who have acquired outstanding powers in an intergalactic mission which went wrong. In this second installment of the Amazing Four film Franchise, the group must battle against a mysterious Silver Surfer who threatens to destroy the Earth and every little thing living on it. The unique effects are pretty remarkable.

Cinemax West HD: This channel is a duplicate of Cinemax it plays alls the same movies, but 3 hours later for viewers on the West coast.

Far more Max: This is your destination for these tougher to find films. You can locate a fantastic choice of independent movies, classics and foreign films. Some current picks incorporate:

The Extraordinary Hulk: This is really a wonderful adaptation of the comic book series. The graphics are spectacular. You will not want to miss this film in HD.

Titan AE: This is an animated feature. An alien race destroys the planet Earth and a group of teenagers need to follow a map to an Earthship that could save the human race.

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