May 1, 2012

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Honey, if you believed the trailers, was supposed to be this generations Flashdance. Another story of a young dancer who overcame the odds to make excellent on her dreams and becomes a achievement. Except in Flashdance Jennifer Beals’ character desires to be a ballet dancer at a prestigious dance academy whilst Jessica Alba’s character in Honey only dreams of becoming a dancer in hip hop videos. And that I’m sad to say is exactly where the comparisons finish.

Billie Woodruff, a video director who has completed perform for everyone from Jay-Z to R-Kelley, makes his feature length theatrical debut with Honey. Somewhere along the way even so someone forgot to tell him that it was a film he was making not an extended music video.

Honey tells the story of Honey Daniels (Jessica Alba) a middle class girl who teaches hip hop dance to beneath privileged youngsters and young adults at the community center her mother (Lonetta McKee) runs. Her dream is to dance in music videos. She gets this chance when the reigning king of music video directors, Michael Ellis (David Moscow) discovers her and does not want her to just dance in his videos but choreograph them as nicely. Talk about luck. Of course things are not that easy and Honey soon learns that nothing in this globe is totally free.

We then discover that Honey is really the video girl with the heart of gold and she proceeds to use her new identified insight on the world and her talents to assist the underprivileged children in her neighborhood.

I guess my biggest difficulty with this movie, outside of being an extended right after school break special, and free of charge promotion for a number of artists (most of whom seem to be produced by Missy who tends to make an extended cameo in the film) is that it treats the audience like we’re a bunch of naïve, simpletons who will just eat up a contrived improbable tale full of stereotypes and lacking in any originality. I imply Alonzo Brown and Kate Watson packed Honey with every stale plot device, stereotype and sob tale you could assume of. Instead of being a entertaining, possibly clichéd, underdog tale ala Flashdance, you rather finish up with a dumb, clichéd hood tale that could have been written by any teenager who regularly watches MTV, BET and possibly an episode or two of Maury Povich or Ricki Lake.

The only saving grace of Honey is Mekhi Phifer. Outside of getting a nice piece of eye candy he manages to make his function as Chaz, neighborhood barber and mentor, compelling and fascinating which is fairly impressive contemplating the dialogue and the rest of the script he was given to operate with. All in all…keep away. Honey is not worth your time or income. It really is not funny, it really is corny and besides I’ve observed better after school break specials, they are shorter and whilst nonetheless corny you may well actual come away having learned something.

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