May 2, 2012

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How Much Money Do Celebrities Make?

How Much Money Do Celebrities Make?

Cenk and Ana give the details and figures from some of your favorite celebrities’ wallets. Examine out all that has to provide!

  1. BlueLeopard200 says:

    I think you’re are missing the point. I already said that there have been many great inventions
    you just WANT to argue
    I’d like to quote something someone once said “a lot of engineers have made and continue make valuable contributions to society” by me, yesterday

  2. j12torts says:

    If it wasn’t for the engineer there wouldnt be a computer in the first place….lol if it wasn’t for the engineer who maintains the power plant to provide electricity to the plants who designs that tennis racquet of yours then you wouldn’t have tennis at all.

    Everything society has is because of engineers and scientists working together. They deserve more credit than other professions. Even doctors rely on engineers that designed the Xray machines in the hospitals. Doctors are just end users.

  3. BlueLeopard200 says:

    I didn’t say I value celebrities more than engineers. Celebrities, a lot of them, are overrated and they get too much money but a lot of people in the entertainment business are quite valuable to society. Most people watch films and tv shows which needs actors. But while a lot of engineers have made and continue make valuable contributions to society, a lot of advancements are not important to society like that stupid thing where people play tennis on their computer. Go to a tennis court!

  4. j12torts says:

    so you value the contribution of celebrities more than engineers? the engineer who brought comfort into your celebrity’s life by inventing that self-ordering fridge deserves more credit.

    If World War 3 happens and we had to start all over again, I would prefer to have an engineer who knows his physics and knows how to apply it to rebuild the world, over someone who knows how to cry professionally on stage.

  5. BlueLeopard200 says:

    to be honest a lot of scientist/engineers are pointless, with the exception of those working on inproving safety at work or those working on medical breakthroughs
    but do we really NEED a car that tells you where to go, e-books, a laptop that is slightly faster, a slightly better deoderant, better computer games, 3D tv, an intelligent fridge

    I think the point where engineers are designing fridges that self order is the point where technology has reached it’s optimum benefit to humanity

  6. j12torts says:

    engineers and scientists who actually make our society move forward so we can enjoy all these luxury living should get paid more than these useless entertainers.

    In an event of a boat sinking and I have to save a certain professional, ..I would choose an engineer and a scientist any day.

  7. baller84milw says:

    The don’t even factor in how much money they get from the Democrats for spouting progressive views in public.

  8. kresskflymjm56b says:

    Without spending any money, iphone4 is in your way home!CLICK! O7tT

  9. rock1grand says:

    Celebrities make money for each word they speak. Like= If they say -fuck u- they get $1000 strait away o_0 , LoL !!!

  10. nicogamadelca says:

    Im in that useless info part of youtube again! back to Micro! FML

  11. XxSecretSk8t3rxX says:

    I WANNA B OPRAH WINFREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. jerz211 says:

    wtf the subtitles are all wrong! “Oprah Winfrey” is “over when free”?! WTF 2:57

  13. MultiCoexist says:

    They make a lot of money but their jobs are not essential to the American society. They are not teachers, doctors, nurses, police, fire fighters etc – who are essential to our society. People are losing their jobs, houses, cars, health insurance while these “celebrities’ sit around talking like HYPOCRITES and say they care about the poor!! When everyone is done occupying Wall Street they need to occupy HOLLYWOOD. There needs to be cap on how much these people should be able to make. 

  14. snak3145 says:

    5:10 “yeaaaah”
    so fucking adorable

  15. hirothemouse says:

    I’m surprised Carrie Underwood only made 7 Million 😛

  16. cathwon says:

    I don’t care about you, mobilcity

  17. BrutalAsHell says:

    Way more than they deserve.

  18. mjdatruth says:


  19. brandisman1 says:

    dr phil isnt really evena doctor 90 million whoa.

  20. brandisman1 says:

    dr phil isnt really evena doctor 90 million whoa

  21. matt12red says:

    dude with the scotch is ron white .. no one knows.. this wanna be news thing is totally racist.. “sounds like a rapper”… “the hick commendian”

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