May 10, 2012

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Jason Witten Tackles a Cowboys Cheerleader (Official) [HD]

Jason Witten Tackles a Cowboys Cheerleader (Official) [HD]

In the Cowboys’ thrilling win over the Dolphins on Thursday, Jason Witten had four catches for 43 yards, zero touchdowns and one particular cheerleader. When operating out of bounds in the initial play of the fourth quarter, Witten’s 6-foot-6, 265-lb. frame could not cease operating in time to steer clear of a gaggle of cheerleaders. Though most of the women run away in time, a single cheerleader cannot steer clear of Witten’s arm. This could be the start of a romantic comedy. He is the poor boy football player who demands the adore of a excellent woman. She is the cheerleader who can’t stand the game, but just desires to dance. They commence out hating each and every other, but one day, their hate turns into really like. “Enjoy on the Gridiron,” starring Bradley Cooper and Jessica Alba, coming to theaters everywhere this spring! Except, Witten is married with two sons, and the Cowboys enforce a zero tolerance non-fraternization policy amongst players and cheerleaders. Whatever. Hollywood has in no way let the details get in the way of a great story before why commence now? (*DISCLAIMER: All footage belongs to the National Football League. I just posted this footage for non-infringement purposes.) TAGS : : Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader hits run into Jason Witten tackle football thanksgiving Day Dallas cowboy Jason Witten hits and catches cowboys cheerleader hurt broken hit smacked girl knocked down more than thanks giving meal cute hot sexy baltimore ravens green bay packers miami dolphins raven dolphin packer detroit lion lions
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  1. MandJSkate says:

    She got hit so hard, Chris Brown stood up´╗┐ and laughed!

  2. 100USAIR says:

    way to´╗┐ go jason wonder how many tweets that cost?? Hmmmmmm!!???

  3. WraithTheSlayer says:

    Fuck that , nigger ! I don’t really care´╗┐ about …basketball still fun

  4. tmendez31 says:

    Until you are willing to get padded up and take a hit from a football player, you need to STFU yourself. But you want the pads removed? You also want the cup taken away to so you can´╗┐ feel his nutsack smacking your skin? Who’s the fag here? Rugby was fun in college, but I never got hit as hard as I did playing football. Stop hating and contain your jealousy.

  5. haha, you gotta get through the sidelines and make someone hit you extremely hard´╗┐ and then make your way xD

  6. SCE2AUX says:

    She is gorgeous!´╗┐

  7. Magnuspire says:

    This guy needs some air brakes. He is slow to start and he can’t stop for shit but damn´╗┐ does he hit like a Mac Truck.

  8. KingJames2030 says:

    hey got´╗┐ a message 0:24

  9. emichaels9411 says:

    I wish I could do this in high school football. Too bad the cheerleaders are all out on the track, and I will have to try to run as fast as I can to get out of bounds and´╗┐ to them -:(

  10. ehab321azzam says:

    i thought it was real -.-´╗┐

  11. cashmoney13241 says:

    Lol tht was my´╗┐ coaches nephew and now hes quiting bc of tht lol

  12. chavezjjj9 says:

    He probably tried to sneak a finger´╗┐ in in between them sexy shorts lucky guy

  13. xXcodblackopesXx says:

    thats may cuz in´╗┐ the blond hair at 0:05

  14. espben360 says:

    0:10 wonder what witten told that cheerleader. she was like: OMG!. Also, its funny how both of the cowboys games that were broadcasted on CBS vs bills and phins something´╗┐ happened to a cowboys cheerleader.

  15. Wulfgardson says:

    Witten was well over the sideline and didn’t know the defender was still intent on taking him down until he was right up next to the Cheerleader. He realizes the guy is taking him down and to make sure they don’t crash into this girl and hit her knees or worse, he actually hooks her around the waist and pulls´╗┐ her down on top of him, making sure she lands with her bottom on his chest.

  16. Vihar a´╗┐ biliben.

  17. gzipper33 says:

    she got up and was´╗┐ like “OMG I SO HATE BASEBALL”

  18. kidmibs says:

    i´╗┐ thought it was mine im like wtf

  19. EpicOfDay says:

    “…and the Cowboys enforce a zero tolerance non-fraternization policy between players and cheerleaders.” I bet´╗┐ there’s a story behind THAT rule…

  20. GreatUmbrage says:

    Lucky girl. What´╗┐ I wouldn’t give to have Jason Witten on top of me!

  21. Choncy21 says:

    Did he´╗┐ tackle her fake boobs also

  22. jaredwhitis says:

    i´╗┐ agree he pulls her down out of the way of the guy coming for him

  23. AntaresInScorpius says:

    mmm no. he was pushed´╗┐ into the cheerleader, he didnt tackle her. I really think this is much ado about nothing.

  24. AntaresInScorpius says:

    i´╗┐ like the pixel where he tackled her.

  25. jellomanyeah says:

    I bet he grabbed her boob while he´╗┐ was at it.

  26. RoxyGirl6978 says:

    i might be late´╗┐ but,it’s really awesome

  27. Midynight123 says:

    It’s this time MAYBE I’ll be bulletproof. No criticism! Just saying! Great vid! I love´╗┐ the font!

  28. hottiegirl110 says:

    remember when this was all they ever played on the radio?´╗┐ i miss those days ­čÖé

  29. Elizabeth468 says:

    La Roux is´╗┐ kind of strange… But I LOVE this song ­čÖé

  30. hannah1050 says:

    i freaking love this song!´╗┐

  31. elizabethmichelle1 says:

    LOVE <3 <3 <3´╗┐ <3

  32. 14StanMan says:


  33. yoshimypet says:

    techano :P´╗┐

  34. she is a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan´╗┐

  35. salwe123 says:

    thumbs this up if you thought this song had something to do with guns LOL i didnt know she had´╗┐ jimmy neutron hair

  36. ladygagafan476 says:

    It sounds like baby so I’m gonna stick with that lol´╗┐

  37. futurestar94britfan says:

    lol i know now.
    but that was the first time i heard it´╗┐ so…
    how was i supposed to know?

  38. bukeyboyfan says:

    i know right omg u dont´╗┐ know :O

  39. lmoney756 says:

    cool song when i´╗┐ first herd it it sounded like the theme song from mario

  40. mosam921 says:

    cool song =)´╗┐

  41. idkandidc100 says:

    Ikr=´╗┐ I know right. ;]

  42. futurestar94britfan says:

    what´╗┐ does ikr mean?

  43. futurestar94britfan says:

    loves it, very 80s <3´╗┐

  44. bryana216 says:

    its a´╗┐ really great song ,props to who made it.

  45. JoinMePEEPS says:

    i like how the´╗┐ chorus is just 7 words repeated!! lmaoo love the song tho!! <3

  46. LittleAych says:

    fav´╗┐ song ever!! <3

  47. ilovejustinbieberso1 says:

    this´╗┐ song is sooo cool!!!

  48. livinginthe60s says:

    i love´╗┐ her<3

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