May 24, 2012

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Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel Run for Cancer

Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel Run for Cancer

Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel Run for Cancer

At Revlon’s 14th Annual Run/Walk for Ladies in New York, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Jimmy Fallon take part in the event and reveal how cancer has touched their lives. (Might two)

  1. iDianeM says:

    Johnny Storm’s sister and ex-girlfriend together… isn’t that a´╗┐ little awkward? ­čśÇ

  2. TheDarkcat3 says:

    both jessicas are´╗┐ beautiful ­čÖé

  3. BATTLEFIELDvett says:

    21:00 !!!!!!!!!´╗┐

  4. BATTLEFIELDvett says:

    I love that´╗┐ face of Jessica Biel

  5. Viktir666 says:

    Yap yap,´╗┐ you achieved nothing.

  6. pichat1 says:

    Well done for getting your dad kid- good call.´╗┐ I have no problem throwing back shit in someone’s face if they do it to me. And I prefer doing it not hiding behind the Internet.
    You seem yourself the kinda bich that wants the last word so- suit yourself

  7. Viktir666 says:

    Opinions on the internet mean nothing in the real world kid. Realize you’re a bitch and you always need the last word. Threats over the internet to someone you don’t know is an epic failure. I only use that term once in the greatest while when I see a wannabe hardcore bitch who amounts to nothing get pissed enough to let her emotions run wild like yours. Learn to control your own emotions, because in the streets of a tough town, you’d get destroyed for´╗┐ talking shit to someone’s face.

  8. pichat1 says:

    Ooh- it’s the internet… I’ve already won this you little jerk. only I don’t feel like coming across to f’d up USofA just to kick your sorry fag ass. when I’ve screwed chicks of higher ‘caliber’ you were still in your dad’s balls.
    follow my previous advice and YOUR role in life will be fulfilled.
    I’m not gonna´╗┐ waste my time answering here anymore so don’t bother

  9. Viktir666 says:

    He would analyze your bullshit you spew. You´╗┐ can’t win this, it’s the internet. Learn your role in life and go back to jacking off to Alba wishing you could tap ass of that caliber. Faggot.

  10. pichat1 says:

    Oh really… Freud? He was a psycho-analyst you dumb´╗┐ a”.
    Anyway, whatever you do don’t erase ‘prettier than Alba’ from your right hand

  11. Viktir666 says:

    Thumbs´╗┐ up.

  12. Viktir666 says:

    Freud would´╗┐ be proud of your pseudo science.

  13. canudigitification says:

    titans of ass right´╗┐ there

  14. bumblehead says:

    Why couldn’t they be mud wrestling for Cancer?´╗┐

  15. ThePrunePranks says:

    I would´╗┐

  16. pichat1 says:

    yeah, yeah. he who boasts has the smallest d”’. and IS a d”’ himself. but a very small one…´╗┐

  17. bigbradford69 says:

    The things I’d eat out of´╗┐ Biels ass

  18. Viktir666 says:

    I’ve fucked prettier than Alba. Biel is mad hot though.´╗┐

  19. grendelee says:

    Oh, i thought´╗┐ it said run FROM cancer…..

  20. joseno11 says:


  21. enuvune says:

    at first i read´╗┐ this as “run for office”. i almost shat myself.

  22. dmitriy40 says:

    the good way to fight cancer is TO DONATE (which participants do anyway), not block traffic in the most overcrowded city in the US, bringing misery to thousands´╗┐ of drivers and pedestrians in town

  23. toodles2048 says:

    wow!!! do u know where the money u raise is going to? watch “healing cancer” documentry.. Big Pharma, FDA, check out drug companies and what they r about.. they turn their backs on REAL NATURAL therapys.. Shame Shame!! Don’t waste ur time.. Big Business in “treating´╗┐ cancer” no biz in curing it..!!!! Wake up America!!!

  24. derekjlight says:

    0:20 the definition of´╗┐ beauty.

  25. @trentWHY i read this at cancer(dot) com eat me bro lol´╗┐

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