May 8, 2012

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Jessica Alba gives birth to a daughter

Jessica Alba gives birth to a daughter

Hi, it’s Monday, June 9, 2008 and I am Melisse Hinkle with today’s UPI Entertainment Update. Jessica Alba is a new mom. The actress reportedly gave birth to a infant girl on Saturday. Alba and her husband, Money Warren, named their daughter Honor Marie Warren. This is their very first child. The couple married final month at the Beverly Hills courthouse following getting engaged final December. In a recent interview, Alba told “Fit Pregnancy” she plans to be the kind of mother who strikes a balance between becoming an authority figure and getting a gentle parent who’s open to hearing about her child’s problems. Patrick Swayze is not slowing down. Despite his battle with pancreatic cancer, the actor plans to move forward with his function on a new television project this summer time. Swayze will play FBI agent Charles Barker in a drama known as “The Beast,” which will air on A&E. The actor went public with his cancer diagnosis three months immediately after shooting the pilot of the show, which is now set to film in Chicago and premiere in early 2009. The “Dirty Dancing” star is reportedly responding properly to treatment he’s receiving at Stanford University Medical Center and he’ll continue with his care while working on the new show. Actress Lynda Carter says she responded like any other person when she found a woman’s physique in the Potomac River in Washington, DC on Wednesday. The actress, who played Wonder Lady in the 1970s television series, was reportedly out in a boat by herself when she initial saw the physique. She

Mini Series soon to come. What if there was a lot more behind the scenes? If the actors fell in love with the actresses? concept from the thoughts of Melani. Now we used Alexis Bledel for Melani, and Jessica Alba for Alexanderia. the Bennet girls played Rory and Max. (and frist time and video i made on sony vegas with out aid or someone telling me how to do some thing) Get it? ok here is your story Melani Bennett really feel in really like with Jared Padalecki who loved her back but had a girlfriend, so Melani didnt tell him she loved him. She went out with Milo and ended u marrying Milo and havihng a daughter with him. Alexandria Bennett worked with Jensen Ackles who by no means showed a intrest in her, and was dating her co star never ever saying he loved her. 4 years went by now the door opened once more, the girls have another role with the boys, Melani and Milo got a Divorce, and Lexie and Micheal never ever got married. Will the second opportunity go to waist??? or will they say how they really feel and it all operate out.
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    oh my god poor Lynda Carter

  5. bestlocksmith says:

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  6. madincx2 says:

    I really dislike this lady, I hate her voice….mouse click

  7. Plane60 says:

    wonder woman had a wonder lifting :)

  8. Mystery0Warrior says:

    Hey Im Cash Warren, i impregnated Jessica Alba yes im the luckiest man alive and all you litte jack offs just wish you were in my spot, dont you

  9. GwennyBee says:

    Ahhhhh, her baby has the same name is me – Honor 😀

  10. jrion2 says:

    of all the ppl n the wrld she chose tht ugly ass dude! wtf?!?! his hideous features could affect her daughters looks n the future. ppl think about this dont b selfish. when dating make sure to think of the child as well. beauty and shit dont go 2gether bcuz the outcome can b disatrous. the good thing is that alba does hav enough beauty 2 sav her daughters looks. i can wait 2 see her when shes older. fuck u cash warren!

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  12. XSeRAPhikX says:

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  13. pisaltouch says:

    The kong Fu Panda is an awesome movie. I saw it last Friday!

  14. j2dar04 says:

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  15. bETTYBOOPbiiSH22 says:

    that is so nice

  16. SuperSoccerNinja17 says:

    where are all of those clips of michael weatherly from??

  17. thundermer1 says:

    when r u going to upload it?????????

  18. Angelicillusionz says:

    its more max and dean but since jensen plays alec too yea lol

  19. Angelicillusionz says:

    that was just the trailer lmao i havent made the frist video yet… and i’ll try to explain better later. but glad u guys like it…

  20. love it!!! cant wait for the next part

  21. gilmoreguru0810 says:

    i dont really get it..

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