May 29, 2012

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Jessica Alba on being raised a hardworker

Jessica Alba on being raised a hardworker

Actress Jessica Alba talks to Piers Morgan about the values her parents instilled in her.
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  1. achapification says:

    i love you jessica

  2. achapification says:


  3. kushiteprince says:

    You saw Slick Willie??lol Pretty cool! My mom met Ronald Reagan years ago when he was governor of California. My sister’s boyfriend met Barack Obama at a fundraiser. I’ve yet to meet any politicians so far.

  4. kushiteprince says:

    That’s cool that you’ve traveled a great deal. A lot of celebs are seen in Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey. It all depends on when they happen to be around. My buddy met Megan Fox at the beach in Malibu. It’s all pure

  5. kushiteprince says:

    In California most of us don’t get too starstruck because many of us see celebs so much. Growing up in Long Beach I went to junior high with Snoop Dog. I used to play basketball with hi at lunch time. I also used to see Cameron Diaz in my buddies neighborhood. She was a cheerleader at Poly High school. I saw Cameron many times at Poly football games. She wasn’t too cute back then though. She was flat chested and had Looks better

  6. kushiteprince says:

    Might have been a little awkward since she was with her But she was really cool though. Most of my celeb encounters have been by chance. I met Rod Stewart at a county fair. Queen Latifah at a basketball game. And Paula Abdul at a casino in Reno,Nevada. Paula was really sweet. And really short in person. I think she came up to my Have you met any celebs?

  7. kushiteprince says:

    She’s pretty down to earth as well. I met her about six years ago at a Petco of all I talked to Jessica in the parking lot for a few minutes. I told her I like a few of her films. She was very nice,no attitude like I expected. Some pretty movie stars seem to be full of themselves. She was cool though.

  8. aGingeAggrieved says:

    Also, do you notive how few views and comments there are on this video? That’s because nobody cares less about Piers Morgan. He is just persistently arrogant enough to convince the sort of idiots who work at CNN that he is somehow important enough to have his own show on their station. His ratings are now demonstrating the error in their decision to even hold an initial meeting with the fat cunt in the first place. Piers, why don’t you fuck off?

  9. aGingeAggrieved says:

    Yes, she is a beautiful woman and also seems to have integrity and grace.

    However I don’t share a similar sentiment toward Piers Morgan. That disgusting corporate shill ‘alleged’ phone-hacker cunt got what he deserved from Jeremy Clarkson when he triumphantly gave Piers the beating of his life (to which he cried according to hearsay). Piers really is lowlife garbage, characterless, an empty shell of a fucking suit with an unwarranted sense of self-importance. An awful human being.

    JK LOL

  10. 21boxhead says:

    too much make-up Alba

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