May 24, 2012

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Jessica Alba & Paul walker music video

Jessica Alba & Paul walker music video

The finest ever jessica and paul tribute for into the blue! i love the film and i think they are soo adorable with each other… Rate tell me what u believe please & thank you! ) song:Holly Palmer-i will
Video Rating: 4 / five

  1. leobsession123456789 says:

    Into the blue with Jessica Alba. Stunningly hot movie! Damn. Perfect leading man & woman.

  2. littleSINTO says:

    FUCK YOU PAUL!!!!!!!!!

  3. stonerockon says:

    i love paul,

  4. Ifigenia98 says:

    If anyone needs the song, tell me! 🙂

  5. alfupgfwyhu says:

    he is the hottest man on earth

  6. DaryllJade says:

    The music from this remake was way better but the vocals holly palmer from the original version was was way better…i hope there someone who could mash up the Melody of this song and the voice of holly palmer from the original album version of this song -.-

  7. amanda15381 says:

    why , who doesn’t want Paul Walker?? xD

  8. bahannah32 says:

    it’s into the blue — such a good movie!

  9. 99luvBoA says:

    OMG!!!!!They are so hot!!!!what is this movie??

  10. MiissR93 says:

    I want him lol

  11. RENNE1ROBERTS says:

    what movie is this?

  12. mellaLee21 says:

    I don’t usually think Jessica is as gorgeous as the media portrays, but she and Paul walker DEFINITELY made one of the best looking couples in movie history (IMO). For some reason, when I see her other times she doesn’t seem as…comely. Maybe its because of how tan she was in this movie.

  13. lol2011ful says:

    hes hot 😀

  14. poppyaje says:

    I’am so jealous with alba >((

  15. fantastomatic says:

    hearing that song 50 times a day and he never gets boring!

  16. Giselle2682 says:

    Hach, sooo schön!!! Zum dahin schmelzen! **Ich will das sofort**

  17. fantastomatic says:

    love them ! 🙂
    and the movie!

  18. gnuochtapir says:

    Check out her webpage and download the song there

  19. BaLLa4LiFe34 says:

    this is beautiful… soothing… two very handsome people… this is what it’s about right here

  20. fantastomatic says:

    i love the movie…but the song… oh wow <3!!

  21. kissablenikki says:

    I loved this video… Paul Walker’s smile oh my … the things that smile could make you do!

  22. kayss88 says:

    They would make the hottest couple on earth

  23. CrystalLaBelle89 says:

    Baby you’ve got the bluest eyes ever xD i feel like drowning myself in those beautiful eyes

  24. mclovinonyourbeep says:

    two most sexiest ppl in the world!!!!! no joke! <33 if i was a guy......wnt even go there haha jk but yeah hottest kiss EVER!

  25. piglettigger says:

    the song is Holly Palmer- I will. It’s a pretty hard song to find, i don’t remember where it was that i got it from

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