May 17, 2012

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  1. Soulrider2012 says:

    Jessica Alba without a doubt. Rodriguez while attractive, is not even in the same league as Alba when it comes to looks. At least put Rodriguez in a contest with someone who doesn’t eclipse her so badly. In Rodriguez’s defense the pictures used didn’t help her.

  2. ucebuflash says:

    I would go for alba the michelle could suck my dick after

  3. MarleyJuly says:

    Michelle R hands down!!!!!!! Jessica who????!

  4. adribarrios says:


  5. GamerX152 says:

    2:07 if you look closely and fullscreen u can see her boobs.

  6. micheal683 says:

    MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ all the way

  7. MrRockaroundtheclock says:

    both girls are beatiful, in my opinion i seen more movies of michelle and i like her acting, but both girls had their own thing that’s why they both are attractive, well if could have both of them i will be the happies man on this planet, and if i can also have jennifer aniston,nicole kidman,and jada pinkett, oh yeah i almost forgot haley berry. man i love woman so beatiful cant leave with out them.

  8. verysign123 says:

    MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ .o./ :)) ^_^

  9. anonimo3030 says:

    Apachurro, mojo y no me despeino!!! SABROSAS

  10. Yoyita1993 says:

    Michelle allways were ever when ever

  11. 09retribution says:


  12. mediumredd says:

    Alba is prettier, Rodriquez is come get this and show me how gangster you are SEXY ! AND DONT DARE DISAPPOINT HER ! LOL

  13. Jorddudeness13 says:


  14. If I had to pick it would be Michelle Rodriguez!!! So is so Damm HOT!!!

  15. kylielovespuppiecash says:

    Team Rodriguez #1
    all day baby :))

  16. iReallyWantBeatsPro says:

    Pics don’t do Michelle justice. She’s gorgeous!!

  17. HomicidalEntity says:

    I don’t know.. give me both of them in a hot tub, then I’ll make my choice

  18. uretaleila says:

    michelle rodriguez………

  19. dondi2261 says:

    Michelle Rodriguez in just naturally pretty. She wins.

  20. Hydriaful says:

    JESSICA ALBA!!!!!!

  21. bigwedo11 says:

    Jessica alba is sexy wut Michell rodriguez iz verrryyy seeexxxxyyy

  22. HAMBUURG040 says:

    MICHELLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. JohnnieRhodes says:

    On a beauty scale….Jessica takes it by a landslide…..but on an overall scale as to who would be more fun….Michelle Michelle Michelle ! What a cool chick !

  24. i wanna see them both in a mud wrestling fight… naked!

  25. swedisagnostic says:

    Depends on my mod, but Michelle Rodriguez is bad ass and probaly great in bed. So yeah Rodriguez

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